A Reader on Understanding the Attributes of Allah

Allah Breathing His Spirit Into Jesus? The Possible Meanings of this Verse & The Approach of Sunni Islam Towards Ambiguous Texts What Is Our Stance Regarding the Statement of Some That Allah “Sits” on the Throne? The Meaning of the Angels “Ascent” to Allah The Ash`aris & Maturidis: Standards of Mainstream Sunni Beliefs The Necessary […]

The Necessary Attributes of God and the Logical Absurdity of Infinite Regression

Answered by Sidi Faraz A. Khan Question: as-Salaam Alaykum I pray that you all are well. My question in regards to infinite regression is: Assuming that there is a chain of regression in which “this world was created by a creator, who in turn was created by another creator, and so on (to the nth […]