Can a Convert Whose Family is Hindu Participate in Their Rituals?

Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Question: If a person who was previously Hindu accepts Islam, but hides this from his parents and performs the Hindu rituals to satisfy them and avoid causing problems in the household, is he still within the fold of Islam? Answer: In the name of Allah, Most Merciful. It is not permitted […]

My Non-Muslim Parents Get Upset When I Wear the Hijab

Answered by Dr. Bano Murtuja Question: My parents are not Muslim, and they didn’t like it at all when I became Muslim.  They also have a big problem with me wearing the hijab. They get upset when they see me wear it. It has been the cause of great strife between us.  They aren’t comfortable […]

Dealing With Non-Muslim Parents (II)

Answered by Ustadh Faraz A. Khan Question: My non-Muslim parents and relatives are against my practicing of Islam. Obedience and submission to God has no place in their mind. Since I am with them now, far away from scholars and people to ask for advice, my faith is terribly low. Here, I’m involved in sin […]

A Convert Dealing with Non-Muslim Parents

Answered by Sidi Abdullah Anik Misra Question: I reverted more than a year ago.  I’m 19 now. My parents live in Italy and I live in England with my sister. Now I am back to Italy again for the summer.  My present trouble is unless I tell my parents clearly that certain things are prohibited, I’ll […]