Diversity in Display – SeekersGuidance YouTube Channel Review

Naved Islam takes readers through a walkthrough of the SeekersGuidance Youtube channel, and highlights some of its best features. SeekersGuidance Youtube channel

The SeekersGuidance YouTube channel was established a little over 7 years ago and now features over 1,300 videos. A glance reveals its defining characteristic: incredible diversity in all aspects.

The channel features everything from short lectures recorded in classrooms, to multi-hour seminars in flagship facilities. These lessons are taught by teachers from a variety of backgrounds, who have studied under different systems. Everyone is united at SeekersGuidance by a shared goal to benefit, improve, and guide people all around the world, insha Allah.

This diversity is a reflection of the ummah at large. Outward differences seem to separate, but actually make our unity stronger by showing that the bond of Islam triumphs all other factors. The diversity of teachers and classes at SeekersGuidance invites a matching variety of people to come and benefit.

There is something for everyone on the SeekersGuidance YouTube channel, but here are some starting recommendations from each category.

Short Lessons

5 Ways to Get Closer To Your Purpose on Earth – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

In this Friday sermon, Shaykh Rhodus deeply yet briefly explains how we can get closer to our purpose on Earth. He shares insightful points of theory and immediately links it to our lives – how we can use that knowledge to get closer to Allah.


Islam & Purpose: Setting  Straight – Dr. Bano Murtuja

We must be conscious of how we spend our lives. In this short talk, Dr. Murtaja links our intentions and actions to the separate topics of gaining blessings in this life and the next, effective community activism, modesty in dress, and dealing with unfair criticism.


What is Sufism? A Classical Introduction to Islamic Spirituality – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

“Sufism” is a term used by different groups to mean different things, creating much confusion about its place in Islam. In this short introduction, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani describes the place of Islamic spirituality in the religion and how to apply it in our lives. He thus reclaims this term from those who misuse it.

Lesson Series

For many topics, one video is not enough. SeekersGuidance breaks up longer lessons into short and digestible videos around an hour long, which are organized into collections on YouTube called playlists. This allows a student to focus on each piece of the topic and master it while knowing its relation to the whole lesson.


Advice of Leading Muslim Scholars on Seeking Islamic Knowledge

This is the collection of advice posted at the start of every term course at SeekersGuidance. Before studying any part of Islam, a student must study how to study and approach their great task in the right way. They must adopt the right attitudes. This set of videos aims to teach exactly that and helps the student succeed in their pursuit of sacred knowledge.


Why Islam is True With Shaykh Hamza Karamali

Today society thinks, reasons, and argues using the methods and approach of science. This series guides the student through a step-by-step analysis of Islam’s truth as viewed by that modern approach.

This fresh explanation will strengthen the student’s own belief by answering the most fundamental question of the faith, Why Islam is True. (This series of lectures is also available as an audio podcast.)


Renewing Religion: An Overview of Ghazali’s Ihya – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Ustadh Amjad Tarsin
The Ihya Ulum al-Din is the masterwork of Imam al-Ghazali, the incredible scholar given the honorable title of “The Proof of Islam.” It is a comprehensive work that teaches knowledge and action of the personal and the social, the inner and the outer.

It is said that the Ihya is a teacher for the one who has no teacher. With this series of lectures, one can learn from both the teacher and the Ihya!


Death & Dying – Spiritual Guidance and Practical Advice to Prepare for the End of Life

“How many people are ready to leave this Earth today?” The series begins with this difficult yet essential question, because “the life of a Muslim entails that every day we be ready.”

This seminar is beautifully divided into three parts: the reality of death and its importance to a Muslim; why we should always remember death; and how to practically do so. Aisha Hollyer wrote a detailed overview and reflection of this seminar.

Find Out More

Visit the SeekersGuidance YouTube channel for these and other videos. The channel has more than 2.2 million views and 17,000 subscribers to date. It features subtitles on supported videos, and video speed control to slow down or speed up the video. Start your learning journey now, and share your favorite lessons with family and friends!

Naved Islam is a student in 12th grade. He tries to write beneficial things and also makes apps. You can connect with him through his website.


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Key Job Parameters:

  • Status: Part-time (30 hours a week)
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  • Newsletters–curating and composing all scheduled newsletters for SeekersHub Global and SeekersHub Toronto;
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How to Apply:

We welcome qualified applicants from all backgrounds. If interested, please apply in confidence to [email protected] before Aug 15th, 2018, with your resume and a cover letter.

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