Ustadha Zaynab Ansari on Women of the Quran: Sarah

Ustadha Zaynab Ansari, in partnership with Muslimah Media, speaks in a 6-part series about women who are documented in the Quran. Sarah, wife of Ibrahim Sarah, wife of the Prophet Ibrahim, is the oldest historical figure mentioned in the Quran. She appears both in the Quran and in the hadith traditions. In Islam, she is […]

"We tell you the stories of the Messengers so we may make firm your heart" – Ustadh Salim Mauladdawila

The stories told by and of the Messengers of Allah are not for mere entertainment and neither are the rituals Muslims perform as part of their religious practice. Each one is pregnant with meaning as Ustadh Salim Mauladdawila explains. Of the recorded events in the lives of the prophets, one of the most historically significant is […]

Food for the Soul All Ramadan – Right Here at Ramadan Hub

Compared to a decade ago, there is now a plethora of Muslim television channels in the English language. The quality varies considerably but one thing unites them all: Ramadan is a time for aggressive fundraising, and MashaAllah, hundreds of millions is raised for worthy causes. Fundraising appeals often displace regular programming so what if you’re looking for […]

David & Solomon: Wisdom with Power

What Happens when power is not in the hands of the wise? Total destruction indeed. The story of both Prophets David and Solomon are very relevant today as we need wisdom to bring peace and calmness to the troubled world. This is part of a series of remarkable Quranic stories of the Prophets (peace be […]

Prophet Moses: A Man of Many Tasks

Reading the Story of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) is very crucial as his mission was not only to introduce his Message to the Children of Israel but to save people from persecution, lead and educate them. He was a man of many tasks, patience and leadership. There are many lessons that we can […]

Prophets, Messengers, and the Sunnah

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: I am researching Islam for class and I have the following questions: Q1. What is the count of the prophets and messengers that Allah sent? Is it 124,000? Q2. Out of this count, how many are messengers? Q3. How many were from Arabs? And what are their names? Q4. […]