My Mother Rejects Suitors Even Before I Meet Them. What Do I Do?

Answered by Ustadha Raidah Shah Idil Question: Assalam aleykum, If a marriage proposal comes from someone out of state, my mom automatically rejects it. I’ve never even had the opportunity to sit down with a single person that has asked for my hand. I won’t even find out a person has asked until days if […]

What Is the Process for Delivering a Proposal For Someone’s Hand In Marriage?

Answered by Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan Question: Assalam alaykum, What is the process for delivering a proposal to a family? If the girl is an illegitimate child and estranged from her father, can the proposal be given to someone else? Answer: Wa alaykum al-Salam May Allah reward you for your question. The proposal process is not […]

Is Withdrawing from an Accepted Proposal Equivalent to Breaking a Promise?

Answered by Shaykh Salim Ahmad Mauladdawila Question: Assalamu alaykum I had a proposal. On the day of the meeting the guy had suddenly gotten sick. Right after they cancelled, he started feeling better. They took this as a sign of istikhara. Can such things be taken as a sign for istikhara? Does this count as […]

Is It Arrogant for Me to Decline a Proposal From a Promiscuous Man Who Is Now a Scholar?

Answered by Ustadha Raidah Shah Idil Question: I have received a proposal from a young man. I have been advised to accept as he has recently qualified as a scholar. However, I know that he is flirty and has had relationships with other women. Am I right to refuse him on these grounds? Am I […]

Do I Need a Divorce to Avoid Marrying the Man I’ve Accepted A Proposal From?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: As salam alaykum, Do I need a divorce to avoid marrying a man whose proposal I previously accepted? Answer: Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah, No, an accepted proposal or engagement does not need a divorce in order to be broken off as it is considered to be a promise. […]

Can I Look at the Hair of a Woman before Deciding to Marry Her?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: Assalamu alaikum. When considering a woman for marriage, is the man allowed to see her hair at any stage before actually marrying her? Or must he rely on his sisters’/mothers’ etc. to inform him of what she looks like? Answer: Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I pray […]