Is My Umra Valid?

Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat is asked about the validity of Umra if a sister has doubts about purity. I went on Umra during my period. My periods stop on the sixth day, but this time it didn’t stop until the thirteenth day. On the twelfth day I went and did Umra, thinking I am now in […]

Exploring Tawhid: Islam as a Universal Civilization

From the distant edges of our visual perceptions to the very core of our souls, we are called upon to bear witness to the wondrous nature of tawhid encapsulated within the equally wondrous nature of multiplicity. Islam is a universal civilization of Oneness within a universe of diversity.

Purification – Ramadan Renewal Xtra

Struggling to keep on top of your podcast subscriptions? SeekersHub Ramadan Renewal Xtra offers you a bitesize summary of each night’s lessons at SeekersHub Toronto this Ramadan. Catch up on the essential lessons, captured by our media team in this special episode.

Purification: A Comprehensive SeekersHub Reader

Purification forms the third chapter of Imam Al-Ghazali’s seminal work, the Ihya, which is widely regarded as the greatest work on Islamic spirituality in the world. Here, we share some of the best SeekersHub resources available on this subject plus video recordings from SeekersHub Toronto, where live sessions will be held everyday this Ramadan. Forget […]

How Can I Purify My Heart? A Reader

“Success is really attained by him who purifies it”[Qur’an, 91.9] The duty to purify the heart The Place of Tasawwuf in Traditional Islamic Sciences What Islamic Perspective is Taught at SeekersHub? How to purify the heart? How is spiritual excellence attained? A Reader on Sincerity, Intention, and the Purpose of Spiritual Routines What is Islamic […]

Wudu On A Mountain Top

After a long climb, the group stop by a mountain pool to make ablutions (wudu) and pray Asr, the daily afternoon prayer. What follows is an impromptu lesson from Shaykh Asim Yusuf on how the fiqh rulings on water, impurity and ablution work in practice. Shaykh Asim Yusuf is a co-founder of the Path to […]

Blessed Is The Wealth That’s Given, and That Which Remains – Imam Zaid Shakir

Imam Zaid Shakir gives a beautiful, brief explanation of zakah in this video. It’s a topic many of us hope to know well but you haven’t heard it until you’ve heard it from Imam Zaid! May Allah bless our teachers and the National Zakat Foundation in the United Kingdom, ameen.  

The Accessible Conspectus: Purification & Water by Mufti Musa Furber

Click here for the original link In the Name of God, Most Merciful and Compassionate 1. Purification The author of The Ultimate Conspectus began his book with purification as this is the norm with books from the Shafi’i school of law. Some other schools start with the times for prayer. The reason we begin with purification is that […]

How Do We Purify Filthy Grout in Between Smooth Tiles?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: As salamu alaikum. In Sh. Faraz Khan’s commentary of Ascent to Felicity, he mentions when cleaning an impurity, when you  purify smooth tiles by wiping, the grout in between is not purified merely by wiping because it is rough and not smooth.  Given this, my question is: in a […]

Part of My Nose Is Always Dry After Wudu

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: I have a big problem when it comes to rinsing my nose out for wudu and ghusl. I rinse it out but then I always find the bottom corner of my left nostril is always dry. I therefore end up rinsing my nose out over and over again to […]