Eid Mubarak! Exciting News from SeekersHub Global

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah, Dear Seekers,

It is with immense gratitude to Allah Almighty, that we give thanks for the light of Knowledge and Remembrance. These are challenging times for Muslims as individuals and as an Ummah.

We need to remember that both the Qur’an and Prophetic Guidance tell us that our collective condition is the result of a disconnect from the way of Mercy–the way of Knowledge, the way of the Shining Light of our Beloved Messenger

So what should we do in times of Darkness? Our salvation lies in spreading the shining light of Prophetic Guidance to awaken Prophetic beauty, mercy, and virtue in our lives.

So at this blessed time of Eid ul Adha, we must all be truly grateful for the way SeekersHub Global has progressed to where we are today. With the efforts and support of all of you –the SeekersHub Global family–we stand at a “unique” position: being able to offer open access to reliable, balanced, and relevant Islamic knowledge, completely FREE, without barriers–for transformative benefit and service to all God’s creation.

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Knowledge Without Barriers: Spreading the Way of Seeking: SeekersHub Global Updates

We have some very exciting news to share with all of you:

SeekersSteps: The Clear Path for Students of Islamic Knowledge. One of our foundational programs, SeekersSteps has a mandate not really found anywhere else: a clear path and a structured curriculum of Islamic learning, from Essentials to Mastery, as a means of seeking Allah Most High.

We strive to guide, nurture, and develop students with clear learning outcomes, expectations, and assistance–and provide mentorship opportunities that help them gain both practical teaching experience and personal interaction with senior instructors. StepOne of the SeekersSteps curriculum is now offered online–and also in-person at SeekersHub Toronto.

Like all Seekers services, the SeekersSteps curriculum is offered completely FREE, and is open to all. Already, 1,000’s of students around the world have completed the first courses of StepOne, Essentials.

SeekersAnswers: Our teachers tirelessly answer dozens of religious questions every day–from specifics of beliefs and law to spiritual counsel, to practical advice on life’s challenges. Only some of these answers are posted publicly, but the Seekers Answers service has thousands of public answers that you and your friends and family can benefit from.

SeekersArabic is here. Seekers is offering a complete curriculum of Arabic that takes students from the basics of learning the language, to mastery of its unique sciences. Shaykh Ali Hani, one of the world’s leading authorities in both Arabic and Qur’an, began this past April with an intermediate-level course that almost 1,000 students are taking, across the world.

We have now on-boarded Ustadh Emad Fares, a distinguished expert in Arabic learning and curriculum, as Director of the SeekersArabic program. Term One of 2015 will feature several new Arabic courses, from StepOne: the Essentials, all completely FREE.

SeekersCircles:  Our weekly, globally-accessible communal circles of knowledge  are now hosted in over 60 cities across  the world, creating positive communities around knowledge and service. Why not connect with a Circle in your city–or even start a new one? Like all Seekers services, the SeekersCircles are completely FREE, and open to all.

SeekersRetreat Toronto: A resounding success. Alhamdulillah, SeekersHub Toronto held its first SeekersRetreat last month. 180 students learned in a refreshing and spiritually-uplifting environment–with good company, amidst the beauty of nature.

We were joined by leading contemporary scholars, all traditionally-trained and world-renowned: Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Shaykh Waleed Mosaad, Shaykh Muna Elzankaly, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, and the esteemed Shaykh Ahmed Saad Al Azhari. Students attended from across the world–not just from Toronto and the US, but also from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Argentina, and France.

At the Retreat, Shaykh Walead, Shaykh Yahya, and Shaykh Ahmed Saad all committed to offering new courses through SeekersHub Global.

Good News: Expansion of our Global Reach to London, England.  We are immensely grateful and excited to announce that Sheikh Ahmed Saad Al Azhari has joined SeekersHub Global as a Senior Instructor–and as Executive Director of the upcoming SeekersHub London.

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SeekersHub Global: Connections

SeekersHub Global is more than just an Academy. It is a Hub of learning; a Hub of community; a Hub of concern; a Hub of service to Allah’s creation; a Hub of connecting with fellow believers; a Hub of worship and remembrance of Allah Most High; and a Hub of nurturing and growth for ourselves, our families, our children, and our communities–in a way and method that is both deeply rooted in and connected to the Prophetic Tradition, and that is cutting edge and responsive to the challenges of our age.

It is a Hub that, by Allah’s Grace, brings blessing and good to your lives–blessings that you are being guided towards, that you seek, and that you deserve.

May Allah make us of those who seek Him in all the choices of our lives, and make us of those who come together to connect with the Prophetic way of guidance and good, for ourselves and all His creation.

Seeking Arabic from Auckland to Amman

By Aarif Rasheed

My Journey to Arabic

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani himself had mentioned during the one of the introductory classes on the Ajrumiyya (a classical primer on Arabic) that one of the most important Bid’ahs (innovations) of our time is to learn the language of the Quran. As someone who had been memorising the Quran from a young age I have been making “on and off” efforts for many years to learn properly. Many will relate, that it is not uncommon for “Arabic classes” to be starting in our local communities, only for it to not quite get off the ground properly for one reason or another. Some of us have almost fantasised about that great opportunity to finally start a firm study of  Arabic “once and for all” with that great Shaykh whom we are hoping we will one day somehow have access to.

The Seekers Arabic Excitement 

Recently there has been the excitement for the launch of Arabic, because of the great teachers we have access to for the classes, and not least of course the great Shaykh Ali Hani

The course is entitled An insight to the study of Arabic, and the first lesson was insightful indeed.

Despite my limitations in Arabic, I was determined to be a part of this class, both to gain from the Shaykh on the subject itself as well as to gain from the exposure to such a great scholar and the many obvious benefits that would flow from that.

Starting Up
The first session has been scheduled last week but postponed due to connection issues and today my hope and anticipation was even greater of just being able to see Shaykh Ali Hani. I had the peace and quiet of the house being asleep (signing in from New Zealand).

The class covered the Fada’il (Merit) of the knowledge of the Arabic language and its grammar.

Shaykh Ali Hani

Having read Shaykh Ali Hani’s biography, I was imagining an overwhelming sight, heavy in voice reflecting both the gravity of the subject and the seniority of his scholarship in it. What greeted me as I signed in was the beautifully gentle and sweetly pleasant expression of the Shaykh.

I concentrated with exertion as I tried to ensure I grasped the main points with the Arabic that I have.

The lesson itself was an amazing survey of great examples and sayings regarding the great merit and importance of the sciences of Arabic Language and Grammar (and typically, sometimes with references to other sciences!)

It was also familiar in the sense of the mentioning of the great sayings of the companions (Allah be pleased with them) some more familiar such as Sayyidina Umar, and others from the early community, such as Ayub as-Sakhtiyani.

What continuously struck me is how the Shaykh spoke about the greatness of the science of Arabic and grammar, clearly such a heavy and foundational matter in our religion, in such a soft, sweet and welcoming manner.

Aside from the beauty and attractiveness of Shaykh Ali’s persona, his own eloquence and pronunciation was also striking, even while so finely and gently presenting the subject.

SPR210Importance of Learning Arabic
After being thoroughly honoured in being present for the class, I also managed to squeeze in the last question for the lesson: what was the importance of knowing Arabic for those of us in the West? I asked this because my own understanding of why I was continuously trying to learn was clear but sometimes inconsistent, and also because I noticed that amongst many I know, there were certain “groups” of individuals who did observe their need to learn Arabic and were always very motivated, and then others who, for some reason, did not – they would be interested in many other subjects, but not in learning the Arabic language.

The answer was the typical outward-inward balance that we have come to know from scholars of the traditional sciences: the Shaykh referred to both the importance of understanding of Quran and the Sunnah, as well as to our relationship with Allah, that is entailed in knowing this great science.

I was greatly honoured to be a part of this first lesson. The Shaykh was equally warm to answering questions and was patiently calm as we briefly lost connection towards the end (perhaps another lesson for us in our world of instantaneity!).

This introduction to the great science with a great scholar, was a beautifully welcoming experience.

I acknowledge my debt to my Creator and that I am deeply indebted to those who have made such a truly unique opportunity possible, and to all those who assist it. This truly has been a blessed boost to my long-time efforts to learn Arabic, and I determined in – and hope and pray for – my own consistency and dedication to this course.