Student Testimonial – Tamim Faruk

Sidi Tamim Faruk shares a beautiful testimonial on how SeekersGuidance has had a beneficial impact on his life as a student.

Thinking back on my life so far, the age 15 strikes me so much. When previously I had little self confidence, that was the first year I grew out of my shell and started to realize what it was I actually believed in and stood for.

And a large part of that, I owe to Shaykh Faraz, whose institution, SeekersGuidance I had discovered through my brothers. I decided to enroll in the basics of “Hanafi Fiqh” at their prompting, to better grasp my faith and practice it correctly. Up until this point, I was Muslim, I believed, I cared but it still didn’t sit right with me. Even though I knew I had something deep and beautiful, I was living between two worlds. At high school, most people didn’t have conception of religion. It didn’t envelope them and while I tried to follow, I felt alone and my Muslim identity felt inferior.

But after I enrolled in this course, somehow, everything thereafter just felt like it filled and pervaded with meaning. Praying was no longer just a chore, or empty actions, but a conversation with the Divine. It was from this introduction, I became enraptured with Islam as a whole and became concerned with spirituality.

This started to show in my daily life. As one of the few Muslims in my school, I no longer felt afraid to pray the noon pray outside the little portable where my math class was held. I no longer cared when being gazed upon by my peers, whose opinions had been constricting me and my self esteem for so long. The same people I felt inferior to, it meant nothing. I no longer minded being interrogated about why my foot was in the sink to make ablution, or why I would lower my gaze during a movie or why I needed to pray in the first place.

Because nothing else mattered. I had purpose. I had direction. I learned not to put my faith in “perishing things” but in the One who sustains us all and never dies. I learned the place of good character, and made it my goal to reflect this goodness as much as I could. I strove to embody beautiful qualities, mercy, kindness, forbearance. And after setting my sights to connect with the Divine, I learned to entertain and grapple with the deeper philosophical and sociological realities which plague our society. I saw Islam and its intricate spiritual, political and legal system as a solution.

I fell in love with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the people who love him. I learned what to value in my friends and see them for their beautiful qualities – both Muslim and non.

And from this love, I learned to stand up for what I believe in. I was comfortable in my own skin and no one could take that away.

All this, an entire paradigm shift and at such a young age, largely in part because I was pointed to Shaykh Faraz. While others struggle with finding their convictions til their death beds, I was blessed to know who I was at a young age.

I am indebted to so much of my development to Shaykh Faraz since I was 15. The funny thing is that he probably doesn’t even know the impact he has had on me and how my life has changed because of him.

This is because that first course I took was online, along with the other hundreds of courses that Seekers offers for free. Other than that, I only see Shaykh Faraz once or twice a year when I have time to visit. But even if he didn’t see it, I owe him so much and have deep love and reverence for him.

May Allah bless and protect all of our teachers who selflessly sacrifice and work to spread their light. May Allah allow us to take advantage of them, as their heirs, and to be worthy of serving them and furthering their causes.

– Sidi Tamim Faruk, SeekersGuidance Student

The Necessity of Islamic Institutions in the Modern Age – Imam Khalid Latif

The Need

“With modernity, people lose a depth of perspective that you can only see in one direction, either outward or inward… we’re supposed to be people who can see in both directions.”

Qualified Teachers

“Where you move from having somebody who is just a professor to a teacher: that they embody a sense of ethics, a sense of values, that you’re able to now recognize that they’re not just talking at you, but they live what it is that they’re inviting you towards.”

Traditional Learning

“You build and you grow and you increase through a systematized method of learning because it has an ends—that is not just about the learning itself but what the learning brings you towards and what it allows for you to do.”


“But the beauty of light is that it just takes a little bit of it to push away darkness.”

Global Impact

“You have men and women like those who run this facility… people have come up to me and mentioned them by name, saying that if not for them and what it is that they speak about and what it is that they give us access to and what it is that they teach us about religion—in countries where religion is heavily corporatized—I wouldn’t know how to deal with the depression that I had that was bringing me to a place where I was thinking of ending my life in this world, because I couldn’t find any way of getting out of it until I learned about God through a different prism.”

“They help us to deal with the challenges that our students bring us, our community brings us every day, rooted in realities that require us to see what it was that we were taught through a different prism through a different perspective. That’s the kind of work you’re being invited to support today; those are the kind of individuals who are building institutions that are set to live much much more beyond them… but where you have benefited become the means through which others can benefit, and to allow and understand for yourself that the house of God, the path of God, the book of God, anything that is qualified of God, is meant to not draw attentiveness to it but to draw attention towards God.”

Beautiful Facility

“You can come to places and spaces like this, and you walk into it and the remembrance of God is not something that gets forced upon you but you just feel it all around you. I walked in the SeekersGuidance facility today—and it was the first time that I’ve ever been in it—and every part of it just made me feel a familiarity and a recognition that turned me towards the Divine. There’s not a lot of places like that, especially in the world that we live in today. And it’s a testament to those who built it, but also those who frequent it. And what you have is unique, but you have to care for it, and you have to build it and grow it, so that it reaches beyond what even you can imagine it to become.”


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SeekersGuidance Canada: Six Month Update Report

In the Name of Allah, Merciful and Compassionate

In six months, we’ve established a full schedule of classes; on-boarded two capable, dynamic scholars; moved into a beautiful New Home; held a sold-out 5-day Summer Retreat; and a full schedule of Fall classes and programs–including launching our Steps Essentials Certificate, a Seekers Youth Certificate, and new Islamic Arts and Calligraphy seminars.

As we reach the end of Summer–and the at-capacity SeekersGuidance Retreat 2019–we’d like to share a six-month update on SeekersGuidance Canada.


Alhamdulillah, after establishing our new project at the beginning of 2019, we began a full schedule of week-day and weekend classes at Jame Masjid Mississauga (Coopers). Attendance was very good, and in some cases higher than ever.

In the meantime, we began a careful search for a New Home for SeekersGuidance Canada. As part of this, we held a fundraising luncheon with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Shaykh Muhammad Badhib, and our teachers.

Your generous support at this fundraiser helped us raise enough to sign the draft of the lease for our New Home. Shaykh Yahya’s memorable keynote titled, ‘Knowledge Is Only Spread Through Sacrifice’, and ‘Supporting the Spread of Knowledge in Society by Shaykh Muhammad Ba-Dhib’ is worth listening (or re-listening!) to.

For Ramadan, we had a special daily program on Embracing Excellence, where Ustadh Amjad Tarsin and Shaykh Faraz Rabbani covered Imam Haddad’s manual on personal transformation, The Book of Assistance, in full. The first half of this was covered at Jame Masjid Mississauga. We would like to thank the mosque and its administration for their generous hosting of our classes, and their support.

In mid-Ramadan, we moved into our New Home at 220 Britannia Rd E, at Hurontario, Misssissaga. This local is a stand-alone unit with a sizeable hall; six rooms; and two spacious lounge areas. For the Night of 27th Ramadan, we had a special program at Candles Banquet Hall. The program was at-capacity with over 600 people in attendance. Imam Yama Niazi (a SeekersGudince teacher then based in Santa Barbara, California–now in Vancouver, BC), Ustadh Amjad, Shaykh Faraz, and a wonderful Syrian nasheed group showcased a memorable night of devotion, celebration, and reflection. You can catch the reminders and nasheed on our YouTube channel.

For the Summer of 2019, we launched a fuller schedule of classes, including:

(a) an Arabic and Islamic Studies Summer Intensive (which was at-capacity, with over 70 people enrolled in it);
(b) relaunching our monthly Critical Issues Seminars–with topics including Perfecting Prayer, for which we were honoured to host the esteemed Shaykh Mohsen al-Najjar (an Egyptian scholar based in the UK);
(c) our popular monthly Family Circle led by Ustadha Shireen Ahmed;
(d) our weekly Friday Circle of remembrance and reflection; and
(e) a full-lineup of classes for both a general audience (such as our Mondays Qur’an Circle) and students of knowledge.

These classes have been held in the entrance lounge area–which can accommodate 70 people–as we were awaiting for final approvals to begin the renovations on the beautiful main teaching hall.

Then, in July, Shaykh Yusuf Weltch and Ustadha Halimah–two capable, dynamic, teachers of the Islamic sciences and both certified hafiz of the Qur’an–joined the SeekersGuidance Canada teaching faculty. See: SeekersGuidance Canada Welcomes Two New Teachers–Shaykh Yusuf Weltch and Shaykha Halimah Maideen–Both Students of Habib Umar.Immediately, they began public and private classes. Some of these can be found on our YouTube channel.

Shaykh Yusuf has been teaching in the Summer Intensive, the Sundays Coffee and Connections class, and has been actively teaching our seminary-track students. Ustadah Halimah has been tutoring young, keen female students–and teaching at our weekly Qur’an Clinic.

In February, two of our seminary-track students went to Tarim, Hadhramawt, to pursue full-time studies under the mentorship of Habib Umar bin Hafiz–after completing three years of foundational Islamic studies here with Seekers here in Toronto.

We presently have three full-time students studying daily under Shaykh Faraz, Shaykh Yusuf, and other teachers. They are making good progress, and are actively training to become future teachers and leaders for our communities, insha’Allah.

We hope to expand our Seminary-track program further in the upcoming months.

Our annual Retreat has been one of our most impactful programs: the five days of immersion in a beautiful natural environment, with close interaction with inspiring scholars, and good company are a life-changing experience for many of the attendees. Many of these go on to become regular students in our classes and programs.

This year’s Retreat, held over Labour Day weekend at the beautiful Bark Lake in the Muskoka region,  is at full-capacity (nearly 150 attendees), with eight diverse teachers–Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Imam Yama Niazi, Ustadh Amjad Tarsin, Ustadha Shireen Ahmed, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Shaykh Yusuf Weltch, Ustadha Halimah Maideen, and Ustadh Tayssir Safi.

This Fall, we are launching three key new programs:

(a) the one-year, Steps Essentials Certificate;
(b) the new Seekers Youth Certificate;
(c) new monthly Islamic Arts seminars with leading world-class calligraphers and artists.

This is along with a full schedule of seminars, classes, and programs. You can view the full Fall 2019 schedule by clicking here.

And all of this is offered completely free–through your consistent support.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor–even a dollar a day goes a long way–and help us spread reliable knowledge and guidance in our community and around the world.


Why SeekersGuidance? – Imam Yama Niazi

In this video Imam Yama Niazi discusses the importance of acquiring knowledge in relation to one’s religion. He further emphasizes the various virtues of knowledge and how it raises the station of the seeker when attained and implemented. Imam Yama provides a detailed analysis of how SeekersGuidance works and how a student can navigate through the various free courses offered.


Take our online courses, all taught by qualified scholars, completely free, in an engaging and convenient manner:

SeekersGuidance Helpers Program

At the start of 2019, an exciting internship program began at SeekersGuidance Islamic Seminary.Helpers program

The SeekersGuidance Helpers Program is a brand-new internship program aimed at utilizing the talent and passions of SeekersGuidance supporters from around the world. Now a few weeks into their internships, feedback from the Helpers indicates that the program serves to inspire them on their learning journey, while allowing them to use their existing talents and develop new ones.

These individuals come from very diverse backgrounds from all over the world. They are located in the US, Canada, India, and Sudan, just to name a few. With their wide variety of talents, passions and skills, they are contributing greatly to SeekersGuidance’s online services.

Our Contributors

Cori Mancuso works for the American Red Cross as a Disaster Relief Manager, and interns with SeekersGuidances Online Services and Content department. “SeekersGuidance is one of the fastest growing and engaging Islamic organisations in the world. I wanted to contribute to the organisation in an area that is both meaningful and challenging. With God’s success, I hoped to contribute in a small way.” She took SeekersGuidance’s course The Sunna of Speech, taught by Shaykh Rami Nsour, as well as benefitting from the Answers and the Blog. Now, as an intern, her role involves developing online content using her talent in editing and her passion for writing.

Razi Shaikh is a journalist from Mumbai, who is also working in the Content department. He began his involvement as a student of the Steps Curriculum, as well as being a frequent user of the On-Demand Courses and Answers Service. “SeekersGuidance is a true blessing to the ummah in an age of disconnect and uncertainty.” Seeing that it made a huge difference in his life, he applied for the program out of a desire to give back.

Razi has recently completed an interview with SeekersGuidance’s teacher Ustadh Abdullah Misra, and is now working on a piece about reusing and recycling traditions in Indian culture, and how it ties into the Prophetic example of minimising wastage and environmental stewardship. He feels that programs like the SeekersGuidance Helpers are important in order to bridge the gap between organisations and the community, and create greater synergy.

Empowering Female Contributors

Many of the Helpers strongly feel that through their contributions will support SeekersGuidance in boosting female scholarship and learning.

Tuscany Bernier is a writer and student of knowledge from the United States. “For women in particular, it is difficult to find places that take you seriously in fields of Islamic spirituality,” she says,  “and we have collective work to do providing spaces for their valuable knowledge to shine.” She hopes to be able to uplift the voices of women, past and present, involved in seeking and spreading sacred knowledge.

Laila Abdel Ghany, who is interning from Cairo, Egypt, feels the same. “The more women are a part of scholarship, the more women become aware that this is even a possibility for them. The more names of women start appearing as active members in the community, whether as scholars, or simply as writers for a religious platform like SeekersHub, the more normalized it becomes, and the more young people grow up seeing women as part and parcel of the discourse.”

Celebrating Individuality

One thing that sets apart the SeekersGuidance Helpers program, is how the interns can use their individuals talents to pursue the topics they are interested in. In turn, they benefit the Seminary and the people who learn from it.

Eissa Dar is a research analyst from London, England, with a background in Middle Eastern studies and politics. Through researching and writing articles for the SeekersGuidance website, Eissa is achieving his goal of  improving his writing and editing skills, and producing top-notch content. “Ever since I heard about SeekersGuidance, I wanted to contribute in some way.”

As this year progresses, make sure to keep an eye out for exciting content produced by our interns and published on our website!

The Internet, Learning Arabic and Islam – Interview with Ustadh Abdullah Misra

The Historical Significance of the Dala’il al-Khayrat

Back to Our Roots as SeekersGuidance – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

A Renewed Commitment to be the First Truly Global Islamic Seminary: An announcement by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

Assalam alaykum,

The year 2019 will bring some exciting changes to our services and programming. Moving forward, we are very pleased to announce our new name: we’re going back to our founding name, SeekersGuidance.

This is part of the growth of our online Islamic seminary. Neither our services nor your donations will be affected by this change. Your donations to “SeekersHub Global” will continue as they are to support our shared causes of spreading light and knowledge; we have always been legally registered as “SeekersGuidance.” Also, we are resuming our teaching on the ground in Toronto as “SeekersGuidance Canada.”

And do bookmark as our new URL.

Why the Name Change?

SeekersGuidance began in the summer of 2008, by Sidi Mumen al-Hamawi (now our Programs and Development Director) and me. We were striving to establish an online portal to open access to Islamic education, and a free question and answer service to anyone, anywhere.

As part of this concern, we soon adopted the #KnowledgeWithoutBarriers paradigm, and made all our online courses and educational offerings completely free.

As a result, we grew from 600 students in 2011 to about 90,000 student registrations in 2018 alone. Alhamdulillah!

Establishing a Global Islamic Seminary

Our teachers – some of the leading Islamic scholars, such as Habib Umar bin Hafiz , Shaykh Nuh Keller, Shaykh Akram Abd al-Wahhab, and Imam Zaid Shakir – have urged us to take “all possible means” to establish a truly global Islamic seminary, offering a full curriculum of top-quality Islamic education, for anyone, anywhere.

This is a major mandate that we have been working steadily towards. For this, we added “Global Islamic Seminary” to our name, “SeekersHub.” However, “SeekersHub Global Islamic Seminary” was becoming quite a mouthful.

As such, we are returning to our roots, and our name is back to SeekersGuidance. Our moniker is “The Global Islamic Seminary.”

(There is also the matter of the parting of the ways with our previous home in Toronto, which is retaining the name “SeekersHub Toronto.” Though we own the rights to the name, “SeekersHub,” and retain the domain “,” part of our commitment to part with grace is that we are allowing our brothers and sisters at the Hub to keep the name – and we wish them all the best.)

What Are The Implications? Will Any Services be Affected?

None of our services be affected by this name change. Rather, we are renewing our commitment to excellence (ihsan) and to consistently improve and expand our educational services.

Thus, we are continuing to strive to make our Steps curriculum, online Courses, Answers, Podcasts, Blog, and other projects cater to the needs of our community in the best and most beneficial ways.

The “Double the Impact” Initiative

We reached 90,000 student registrations and nearly five million unique visitors to our website in 2018. But the need to spread the light of Prophetic knowledge and guidance is far, far wider. As such, our goal for 2019 is to “Double the Impact” of our online offerings.

We want to reach 200,000 student registrations and ten million visitors to our website in 2019.

This is not “just for the numbers,” but for the benefit, the need, and the urgent obligation and imperative to preserve and spread the light of Prophetic guidance to seekers everywhere.

We Love the Name SeekersGuidance

We love the name “SeekersGuidance,” because it highlights the two foundational pillars of our project:

  1. All believers should be seekers – we all seek Allah’s love and closeness, and knowledge is the only way to this;
  2. All believers seek guidance – the beneficial knowledge and inspiration that will show us the path of turning to Allah, upholding and spreading the good, and that inspires us to fulfill our true human potential.

What about My Donations?

If you were donating to “SeekersHub Global,” your donations are still reaching us. (We have, in fact, always been legally registered as “SeekersGuidance, Inc.”)

If you are not already a monthly supporter, you can help us Double the Impact of our online offerings by becoming a monthly supporter now by going to

We will continue to provide authentic, engaging, and relevant Islamic education. And most importantly, we will still offer all our services completely free of charge.

What about Toronto?

We have registered in Canada as “SeekersGuidance Canada,” and our classes and programs are continuing with Shaykh Muhammad Badhib, Ustadh Amjad Tarsin, Ustadha Umm Umar, and myself. These classes are being held weekly at Jame Masjid Mississauga (Coopers), and other locations.

We’re establishing a newer, bigger learning center and headquarters in Toronto – to serve the local community and as a base for our global Islamic seminary and its educational offerings. Click here to support our efforts.

Some New Projects Are Coming!

In addition to all our current services, we are working on some exciting new projects. These include:

  • Publishing our own ebooks and other digital content.
  • Newly revamped On-Demand courses offering many relevant topics.
  • New additions to our curriculum courses.
  • Exciting content released by the members of our Helpers program.
  • Forthcoming Podcasts by a number of scholars and counselors.
  • Reboots of our SeekersGuidance Arabiyya and SeekersGuidance Espanol partner pages, in order to reach seekers all over the world in other languages as well.

May Allah grant us and you facilitation and success.


Faraz Rabbani, Founder and Executive Director, SeekersGuidance,
And the SeekersGuidance team.

Long Days of Fasting? Shaykh Faraz Rabbani on The Prophetic Urge

If these long days of fasting are tiring you out, this talk is for you. Shaykh Faraz Rabbani provides inspiration by discussing the Prophetic urge towards fasting and other good deeds.

He explains how the Prophet and his companions were eager to avail themselves of the Divine assistance alongside commands to engage in these sometimes strenuous acts.

We are grateful to the World Islamic Mission for this recording. Photo by Moyan Brenn.

Resources for Seekers

Seeking Guidance Online in the Land of the Prophet’s Birth

Brother Abdullah Ibn Zubair Buhaini was born to a family of scholars in the Philippines, but decided not to pursue Sacred Knowledge. Years later, as a busy website designer in Saudi Arabia, he realized that he felt increasingly drawn to the idea of learning—but had no opportunity to do so. Alhamdulillah, he found SeekersGuidance and enrolled in the Beginning of Guidance course. This year, Allah brought him and his teacher, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, together in a serendipitous, blessed meeting in the holy city of Mecca. Here, he shares his experience.

I saw a man whose face was full of light

I was recently blessed to travel to Mecca to perform the Umrah. I was equally blessed to meet my SeekersGuidance teacher, Shaykh Yayha Rhodus, while I was there. It was an amazing miracle that we were both at the same place, at the same time.

It was the day of my son’s aqeeqah back home in the Philippines, and I was feeling very emotional because I couldn’t be there with my family. At the Ka’aba, I was being pulled away from the direction I wanted to go in. I was supposed to go left, but I couldn’t pass, so I turned right. Then, I saw a man whose face was full of light. I recognized him instantly—it was indeed Shaykh Yahya.

The meeting itself was brief, yet full of light. Shaykh Yahya and I introduced ourselves. He asked me where I was from and made duaa for me, “May Allah bless you and continuously guide us.”

I don’t even know how to explain how I felt standing there, with my teacher–who I have never met–right beside me. Straight away, I called my father to tell him that I believed I was surely on the right path.

From a family of scholars

I am from a family of pious and religious people from my homeland, the Philippines. We live in a village called Taluksangay, in the city of Zamboanga. Our ancestors followed the Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama’ah, and celebrate the mawlid up to this day. My grandfather is a scholar (alim) who graduated from Al-Azhar University, and my father is the imam in our village. Both hoped that I would also follow their footsteps.

The crisis of knowledge

My father follows the Shaf’i madhab. My younger sister graduated from Sanawih, the top Sunni institute in Zamboanga. She used to listen to Habib Ali Al Jifri’s lectures in Arabic, and introduced my father to his teachings.

I remember the first time we installed an internet connection in our house. Not a day passed except that my sister and my father would listen to Habib Ali’s lectures or read his works.

Then, there came a crisis of knowledge, and accurate and reliable Scared Knowledge became hard to find.  There were conflicts in the community regarding issues of aqidah, fiqh, mawlid and other matters.

It was a disaster.

My father had high hopes that I would be interested in looking after the spiritual future of our village by seeking knowledge. However, after I finished my high school studies in 2004, I chose to leave Islamic studies, and instead pursued qualifications in computer science.

The Beginning of my Guidance

In 2012, I decided to apply for work abroad and was hired to work in Saudi Arabia. In February 2013, I flew to Riyadh to work as a web designer.

The night before, my father begged me to not only seek knowledge but to make sure that I sought accurately transmitted knowledge from qualified scholars. “Search for the teachings of our scholars like Imam al-Shaf’i, Imam Ghazali, Imam Suyuti, Imam Al Asqalani, Al Qaradawi, Al Alawi Almaliki, and Habib Ali Al Jifri,” he counselled.

Knowledge gone wrong

Working as a web designer, I was in front of a computer all day. One day when I had some free time, Allah inspired me to open up Youtube and search for Habib Ali al-Jifri.

Alhamdulillah, maybe because of the dua of my father, I began to use all my free time to seek knowledge.

When I told my father, he was very happy and my family prayed that Allah would show me the way to accurate and reliable knowledge.

The question was, how would I find it? I had no idea where to start. As a busy man working in Saudi Arabia, I had little access to access to accurate, reliable Sacred Knowledge.

I found SeekersGuidance

As I was watching Habib Ali al-Jifri videos, Youtube made suggestions of other videos. That’s how, one day, I clicked the video of Shaykh Ahmed Saad Al Azhari and soon after, in early 2014, I found a SeekersGuidance video by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, also on Youtube.

I kept visiting the SeekersGuidance website to try to enroll in the courses. However, as it was already mid-term and the classes had long since begun, I could not enroll, so I subscribed to the newsletter.

In 2015, I received an email that the courses were open for enrollment. And that is the beginning of guidance. Alhamdulillah, I enrolled in the Beginning of Guidance Course, taught by Shaykh Yahya.

Advice from a seeker

For those of you who want to seek guidance and do not know where to start, the Beginning of Guidance course with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus is the answer.

It’s based on a book by Imam Ghazali, which Shaykh Yahya explains in extraordinary detail. I found the teachings about how to manage my day from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, personally very useful.

During the course, we had access to three live sessions with Shaykh Yahya. These sessions were an opportunity for me to ask questions, and to seek benefit from time spent with people of beneficial knowledge.

I would recommend this course to everyone who intends to seek knowledge that has beneficial guidance in it. Seeking knowledge without guidance will only turn us away from Allah.

InshaAllah, May Allah grant us all opportunities to meet and spend time with our teachers, the way I met Shaykh Yahya, in Makkah of all places.

Not only did I find knowledge, I found the type of knowledge that my ancestors had—accurate, reliable and relevant.

Resources for Seekers

Cover photo by Elias Pirasteh

How to Deal with Baseless Misgivings and How to Study at SeekersGuidance

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam
Question: Asalaamu Alaikum
I have 2 questions in regards to courses offered at SeekersGuidance.
1. I am currently enrolled in the Islamic Law for Seekers Course part -1. I have a tendency to have waswasa (baseless misgivings) when it comes to matters of cleanliness in istinja, wudu, ghusl etc. Through gaining knowledge from reading the answers on qiblah answers and your website, and consulting with my local Imam, Alhemdulilah I have been able to overcome waswasa to a great extent. However, I am prone to being meticulous when it comes to cleanliness. Based on my situation, would it still be beneficial for me to take this course as it covers the topics of purification, impure water etc? Will it help me in fighting my remaining waswasa or could it lead me into getting into more waswasa regarding these matters?
2. This is the very first time, I have signed up on seekers guidance and I do not know what the course load will be like. I still want to enrol in “The Marvels of the Heart” course, but I am not sure if I’ll be able to handle it. Typically how long are lectures? And can you please tell me when is the next time this course will be offered? This way I can decide if I should enrol in it now or wait until the next one.
Answer: Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,
I pray this reaches you in the best of health and faith, insha’Allah.
(1) Knowledge empowers when taken and subsequently applied in the right way. You’ll benefit from the class if you listen attentively, ask any relevant questions, and then act on the knowledge as instructed. The sunna in matters of purification is to leave caution– but this understanding is learnt from Prophetic inheritors, not simply applied as per one’s whims.
(2) Do what you can reasonably sustain. Study step by step; a little taken and absorbed is far superior to much ignored. The sunna is to be gradual and consistent.
May Allah grant you every success in this world and the Next.
And Allah alone gives success.
Tabraze Azam
Checked & Approved by Faraz Rabbani

Turning Towards the Truth Through Remembrance of Allah – Friday Sermon by Shaykh Faraz Khan

In this compelling Friday Khubah, Shaykh Faraz Khan speaks about the importance of disconnecting ourselves from the chaotic world that we are living in. On how to turn way from everything that distracts us from Allah. He speaks about turning to al Haq, the owner of the truth.
Shaykh Faraz reminds us about how believers should be in constant remembrance of Allah through their tongues and hearts. We should strive to make Allah the central focus of their lives. Only then can we attain tranquillity (sakinah) and make our lives solely for the sake of Allah. Our life, profession, family and responsibilities would mean nothing if the qiblah of our heart is not directed towards Allah al Haq.
Who is Shaykh Faraz Khan?
Shaykh Faraz Khan is currently teaching at Zaytuna College as part of the Living Links program, find out more here.

By Sister Lina.