Diffused Congruence In Conversation With Nader Khan

Diffused Congruence’s latest podcast episode features one of our favourite Muslim singers/songwriters Nader Khan, who speaks about his life journey, how he ended up choosing the path that he did, and what new projects he has coming up. Also, hear co-host Zaki Hasan discuss his trip to Washington DC for the Eid-al-Fitr reception at the White House, […]

25% off Songs of Presence for SeekersHub community

Do you remember that video of the Keighly Munshids singing alongside Habib Ali that we shared a few months ago? They were singing from a book called Songs of Presence and the team behind that book have just released an audio version. And if you love qasidas like we do, you’ll be excited to know that […]

Qasidah An-Nabi – An Nabi Sallu `Alayh – Singapore Haqqani Ensemble at Al-Ghazzali Center SeekersRetreat 2011 (Australia)

YouTube – Qasidah An-Nabi The Singapore Haqqani Ensemble performed this qasidah (Islamic poetry & song) at the 2011 Seekers Retreat organised by the Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development. The event was held in Melbourne, Australia. Sunday 24 April 2011.”  

Excellent Traditional Islamic Singing (nasheed) – Hassan Haffar of Aleppo (Halab)

YouTube – كروان حلب حسن الحفار . Hassan Haffar 1995     My days of rejoicing Are when I attain Unto Your closeness… Lend my eyes A glance upon Your Beauty… And praise of the Messenger of Allah Is a door of salvation On the Day of Reckoning…