Good News For a Change

How about some good news for a change?

At SeekersHub Global, we want to take a moment to celebrate some of the good news Allah blessed us with in 2015. Watch the one-minute video below.

  • 400 million Spanish speakers can now learn about Islam in their language. SeekersHub Espanol went live in 2015. There are already hundreds of articles and answers about Islam in the Spanish language live on the site — with much more on the way.
  • Thousands of questions about Islam answered by qualified scholars. You wouldn’t believe how many questions we get on a daily basis. Alhamdulillah, we have an entire team of scholars dedicated to providing practical answers for people struggling with everything from Shafi’i fiqh to guiding their wayward parents.
  • Over $350,000 in Zakat funds distributed to scholars and students. The political instability in the Middle East has displaced a number of scholars. Your zakat contributions have helped them continue to spread sound, reliable Islamic knowledge and Prophetic guidance.
  • 1,000+ hours of instructional videos produced on every topic you can think of. Take a stroll through our YouTube channel and you’ll find an overwhelming volume of engaging multimedia content on virtually every topic.
  • 120 online classes delivered to 30,000+ students globally. Our Online Academy is powered by a team of 40 teachers, teaching assistants and staff members who work extremely hard to make sound knowledge from reliable scholars available anywhere, free of charge.

Let’s make some more good news in 2016…together.

We are very blessed to have people like yourself who support us at every step of the way in making this all possible.

We look forward to sharing more blessings with you in 2016 Insha’Allah.


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Your opportunity to give dawah to 400 million people – SeekersHub Español

IMG_1977Did you know that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world (second only to Mandarin)?
There are plenty of resources about Islam in English, Arabic, and Urdu. But the language that 400 million people call their own gets little to no attention – despite rapid growth of Muslim communities in Mexico, Argentina, and all over Latin America.
Meet SeekersHub Español

SeekersHub Español was started with the intention to serve the needs of converted, Spanish-speaking Muslims who are thirsty for knowledge about their newfound faith. As well as Spanish Muslims who have never had the opportunity to study and non-Muslim Spanish speakers who want to learn about Islam.
We intend to make the same reliable and in-depth learning resources that English speakers benefit from to over 400 million Spanish-speakers worldwide.

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