What’s New at SeekersGuidance This Term?

SeekersGuidance has over 125 courses, across a wide range of Islamic knowledge and guidance areas, for students of all backgrounds and levels. All courses are taught by qualified scholars, in an engaging manner, and are completely free.

We have many new course offerings this Term, including:

The Arabiyya Courses—Taught in Arabic by Leading Arab Scholars

SeekersGuidance’s Arabiyya project offers courses and content taught by leading Arab scholars in Arabic, for a global audience. These scholars include, Shaykh Hassan al-Hindi of Damascus, Shaykh Muhammad Badhib of Hadhramawt, and Shaykh Ali Hani of Amman.

Check our our Steps Courses: Step One for those starting their journey of Islamic studies; Step Two for those who have covered their essentials; and Steps Three and Four for more advanced students.

We also have courses on Learning Arabic and in Arabic Grammar.