Recommended Book: Prayers of Occasions. A Handbook of Muslim Salah. Shaykh Talal al-Azem. OTKF Publications

OTKF Publications : Prayers of Occasions


The Oxford Traditional Knowledge Foundation(OTKF) is pleased to announce its first publication, Prayers of Occasions: A Handbook of Muslim Salah, compiled and translated by Talal Al-Azem.


Prayers of Occasions covers all the sunnah ritual prayers (salats) recommended for various circumstances we face in life. In a convenient and quickly accessible handbook format, the way of performing each prayer is described clearly, complete with Arabic texts and transliteration.

The book also contains a valuable lesson on the role of the ritual prayer, in the foreword by Sheikh Nuh Keller.

Click here to read Sheikh Nuh Keller’s foreword, and to sample other pages from Prayers of Occasions.

OTKF Publications : Prayers of Occasions