August 29, 2022 2 mins

Monday Motivation: The Impact of Service

Our respected Human Development Manager and brother, sidi Jamaaludeen Khan, has been sharing Monday Motivation on our online Headquarters for our Seekers Family: teachers, staff, students, and interns. Jamaaludeen Khan Asalaamu Alaykum, It is better to be consistent in the long term than intense in the short time. Each of us has a diverse set […]
June 24, 2022 6 mins

13 Benefits of the SeekersGuidance Internship Program

The SeekersGuidance Internship Program is a six-month program of service, learning, and growth. We are now taking applications for the fourth iteration of this globally-accessible program. We invite you to join us on this sacred journey. This is a unique opportunity in the spirit of Islamic activism founded on love, community, and excellence.  Our interns […]
June 13, 2022 3 mins

Applications Now Open: SeekersGuidance Internship Program 2022

The SeekersGuidance Internship Program is a six-month program available to participants globally in key areas of our work at SeekersGuidance. This is your opportunity to serve Islam while gaining practical work experience. We invite you to join the fourth cohort of this dynamic program. Learn with us. Serve with us. Click here to apply! Why should […]
April 4, 2019 0 mins

Why Learn? – A Conversation with Dr Recep Senturk

Following is an excellent podcast from ImanWire. In this podcast Dr Recep Senturk reflects on the higher purposes of learning and the importance of cultivating independent, critical thinkers.   Click for the audio: https://soundcloud.com/almadinainst/ep-40-why-learn-dr-recep-senturk   Please subscribe to the podcast and visit www.imanwire.com for the latest articles and podcast episodes. Send any questions or comments to @imanwired […]