February 21, 2021 4 mins

On the Passing of Shaykh Amin Saraj – Istanbul, 2021

If I see today, it’s only because I stand on the shoulder of giants. Today we lay to rest another giant, one of the last remaining links to a great generation of scholars, who all feel but a distant memory in the hearts of the Muslims. The great Hadith scholar Shaykh Muhammad Amin Saraj departed […]
January 10, 2021 3 mins

On the Passing of Shaykh Adnan al-Saqqa

There are men among the believers who honored their pledge to God: some of them have fulfilled it by death, and some are still waiting. (Qur’an 33:23) Undoubtedly, the eyes weep and the hearts grieve out of sadness in our separation from you, our dear teacher. Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we […]
November 8, 2018 2 mins

Biographies of Influential Muslims – A Reader

This reader gathers various SeekersHub resources on inspiring saints, scholars, and other influential Muslims of the past and present.   Companions and Pious Predecessor Sayyiduna Ja’far: A Tale of Love and Sacrifice Was Uwais al-Qarni Martyred? And a Unique Source for His Biography Biography of Malik ibn Dinar Muadh ibn Jabal and the Night of Mid-Sha’ban […]
December 28, 2016 4 mins

On Death and Dying, by Ustadh Salman Younas

With the current year drawing to a close, social media has come alight repeatedly with news of the passing of yet another celebrity. Ustadh Salman Younas shares some personal thoughts on an inevitable journey all of us will embark upon: death. I have seen many people in my wider circle of friends/acquaintances express how death […]