Rumi: Allah is the Governor of the Universe

He is the Governor of the Universe Mathnawi II: 1618-32 1618 If He makes air and fire (to be) lowly,1 and if He makes the thorn to surpass the rose,  He is the Governor (of the Universe) and (the One who said about Himself), “God does what He wills.”2 For He creates the remedy from the source of […]

A Response to the Hadith Qudsi, “Ya Ibaadi” – Poem by Navid Shaid

A Response to the Hadith Qudsi, “Ya Ibaadi” Number 24, Arbaeen Nawawiyya, by Novid Shaid, 2002 _______ Oh Allah! Oh Everlasting King! Oh heirless Emperor! Oh Sovereign! Oh You, who has forbidden oppression For yourself, and outlawed transgression. Oh You, without whom all become astray Without whom, none can travel on the way Oh You, […]

“To Mothers” – Moving Poem by Baraka Blue

To those mothers who buttered sandwiches and lit loves lanterns when sweet dreams turned into nightmares- and cloaked us in radiant safety net bear hugs under covers and sacrificed many a-night sleep like a coat over a puddle so our pillows stayed dry and evaporated tears when we would cry, and smiled at the clouds […]