Executive Summary

This course is a complete tafsir of the second juz’ of the Qur’an: Sura al Baqara 142-252. It introduces many rulings relating to key aspects of the religion, explaining their relevance and wisdom. The course provides a clear understanding of the Qur’an in a way translations simply cannot do, and is based on authoritative classical and contemporary tafsirs.

Course Summary

This course continues the explanation of Sura al Baqara. After exhorting the believers to not adopt the attitude of Bani Isra’il, Allah now introduces and expands many laws needed for the benefit of humanity. 

We are given insight into the changing of the Qibla, slaughter, not hiding God’s teachings, virtuous acts, fasting, the Hajj, and more. Of particular importance are the laws relating to the family, marriage, and divorce, which are expounded on in detail. The juz’ ends with a focus on supporting the religion of God through exerted effort – whether in a financial or a military context.

Through this juz’, believers will gain a deeper appreciation of many rulings of the Shari’a. They will learn about their wisdom, how they are derived from the Qur’an, and the contextual circumstances of their revelation.

Learning Outcomes

  • a deep and clear explanation of the second juz’ of the Qur’anic text
  • an understanding of the verses of this juz’ and how they tie into the overall theme of the sura.
  • an insight into the wisdom, justice, and beauty of the Shari’a.
  • an overarching view of the interconnectedness of the Qur’an’s verses.