Executive Summary

How does one change one’s state with Allah? This course covers Book 38 of Imam Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum al-Din, On Watchfulness and Self-Accounting (muraqaba and muhasaba). Shaykh Faraz explains Imam Ghazali’s deep but practical wisdom on bringing one’s heart to life through Watchfulness of Allah and taking self to account.

Course Summary

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani starts by elucidating the importance of the keys to change and how to be both conscious of Allah and have true awareness of Him.

Having watchfulness of Allah and self-ccounting are central religious virtues—as they are the keys to acquiring all virtues.

Without watchfulness and self-accounting, one will remain adrift in one’s life. We are created in this worldly life for a limited time, with purpose, and are accountable for our life choices.

This course explains the three keys to changing one’s condition: (a) making a commitment (musharata); (b) watchfulness over one’s actions (muraqaba); and (c) taking oneself to account.

“Whoever takes self to account in this life, their reckoning in the next life will be easy,” explains Imam Ghazali.

This course will give you keys, insights, and timeless wisdom on how to change oneself, through setting goals and conditions, watching over oneself, taking oneself into account, and spiritual striving.

Learning Outcomes

  • Come to know the reality of watchfulness
  • Importance of calling oneself to account regularly
  • High resolve to fortify one’s actions
  • Importance of sticking to the Sunna