Executive Summary

In this course, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani covers the legal rulings related to marriage and divorce according to the Hanafi school. This course serves to provide a proper understanding of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) of personal law.

Course Summary

In this course, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani covers the chapters on Marriage and Divorce, relying on the great classical commentaries—including Maydani’s Lubab—and major reference works of the Hanafi School.

Topics covered include when it is required, sunna, or even prohibited to marry; the integrals and conditions of the marriage; and whom it is valid to marry. In addition, the rulings of divorce are outlined, detailing the cases of when it occurs, and the scenarios of its being binding or revocable. Finally, the course covers related issues such as the waiting period (‘idda) providing for needy relatives, and the rulings of child custody.

This course is ideal for students of Islamic knowledge. Previous study of Fiqh is recommended, but not a requirement.

Curricular Context

  • This is a level two  course
  • Before taking this course, take The Absolute Essentials of Islam (Hanafi) and On Worship (Purification, Prayer, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj): Shurunbulali’s Ascent to Felicity
  • Take this course before all courses in Level Three

Course Outline

LESSON 1: Introduction to the Text and Subject

LESSON 2: The Marriage Contract, Marrying Non-Muslims, and the Guardian (Wakil)

LESSON 3: Worldly Suitability (Kafa’a), Conditions of Marriage and Defects

LESSON 4: Religious Conversion Within Marriage

LESSON 5: Completion of Marriage | Nursing

LESSON 6: Divorce

LESSON 7: Completion of Divorce

LESSON 8: Taking Back One’s Wife | Foreswearing One’s Wife (Ila’)

LESSON 9: Zihar and Mutual Imprecation (Li`an)

LESSON 10: The Waiting Period

LESSON 11: The Waiting Period and Providing for Family

LESSON 12: Providing for Family and Child Custody

What You Will Learn:

The core rulings related to marriage;

  • The wisdom and purpose of these legal rulings;
  • The practical implementation, with excellence, of Divine Guidance;
  • How legal reasoning works, to give a better understanding of “how Fiqh works;” and
  • The method of the Hanafi School.

Course Format: 12 downloadable lessons, and plus a monthly live session.

About the Course Text

Imam Quduri’s full primer (matn) in Islamic law is so famous, that it is simply referred to as “The Book” (al-Kitab). For 1,000 years, it has served as the starting point for a full study of the science of Fiqh.