Executive Summary

This Juz’ of the Qur’an acts as a summary of the themes of the entire Qur’an, focusing especially on the certainty of the occurrence of the Day of Judgement. Each sura is explained in light of its overarching theme and the way it has been explained by authoritative scholars of the Qur’an. The suras al Fatiha, al Naba’, al Nazi’at, ‘Abasa, and al Takwir are covered in this module.


This course is a detailed thematic and linguistic analysis of the most frequently recited sura, al Fatiha, and the initial few suras in the final 30th of the Qur’an.

Sura al Fatiha acts as an introduction to the relationship between Allah and His servants; it teaches us why we should worship Him and how this worship should be characterized and expressed. Suras al Naba’, al Nazi’at, ‘Abasa, and Takwir, all take our attention to the Day of Judgement, but from different perspectives.

This course proves the occurrence of the Day of Judgement and the final end of every one. It explains how to deal with those who affirm it and those who deny it; and that belief in the Afterlife – which will change everything when it happens – is perfectly reasonable and supported with evidence.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Sura al Fatiha
Lesson 2: Sura al Fatiha, Sura al Naba’ 1 – 11
Lesson 3: Sura al Naba’ 12 – 30
Lesson 4: Sura al Naba’ 31 – end
Lesson 5: Sura al Nazi’at 1 – 17
Lesson 6: Sura al Nazi’at 18 – 29
Lesson 7: Sura al Nazi’at 30 – end
Lesson 8: Sura ‘Abasa 1 – 11
Lesson 9: Sura ‘Abasa 12 – 24
Lesson 10: Sura ‘Abasa 25 – end
Lesson 11: Sura al Takwir 1 – 13
Lesson 12: Sura al Takwir 14 – end

What You Will Learn

  • The reasons explaining why Allah deserves worship.
  • What guidance is
  • Proofs for the occurrence of the Day of Judgement
  • How the Day of Judgement will occur

Course Format: Twelve Downloadable Sessions