Executive Summary

If you want to know Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) what he looked like, what it was like to interact with him, and why he is loved by so many that have never met him then this course, The Shama’il of Imam Tirmidhi will teach you exactly that.

Through it, one can only increase in love for the Most Beloved, for indeed to know him is to love him.

Short Description

The Shama’il Muhammadiya of Imam Tirmidhi is a collection of 415  narrations focussed on the sublime characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace).

The narrations relate to everything from the apparent beauty of his outer appearance to the more subtle beauty of his noble character and mannerisms.

Join Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan as he takes you through the renowned Shama’il of Imam Tirmidhi, which he transmits via some of the great luminaries of our time, such as Habib Umar bin Hafiz, Habib Umar al-Jaylani the Shafi’ Mufti of Makkah, Moulana Abdul Hafith al-Makki and Shaykh Alauddin al-Afghani.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about his physical features and attributes
  • Gain insight into what it was like to interact with him
  • Be able to recognize the manifestation of his characteristics in others
  • Be able to emulate the Prophet in appearance and etiquette
  • Increase in love for the Most Beloved (Allah bless him and give him peace)
Number of Lessons 24
Total Duration 23:28:57

“Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a similar reward”– The Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)