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Our umma is at risk of losing access to authentic Islamic scholarship and sound religious guidance.
Through the Islamic Scholars Fund, we can give the much-needed support to all deserving scholars & students so that they can reach their full potential and can benefit our communities.
Together we can safeguard our sacred knowledge for future generations.
Zakat Eligible 100% Disbursement Tax- Deductible

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Have you completed calculating your zakat? Give you zakat today to deserving Islamic scholars & students in need.

Your zakat will help support our Prophetic Inheritors & preserve Islamic scholarship for generations to come.

About us

Islamic Scholars Fund

Since launching the Islamic Scholars Fund in 2015, we have distributed over $9.3 million to scores of deserving scholars and students around the world on a regular, monthly basis. The impact this is having in our communities, both now and into the future, is tremendous.

Help us reach $3 million this year through your zakat to support the most deserving and needy Scholars, as well as students of knowledge around the world - young men and women who are devoting their lives to help keep the torch of the Prophetic tradition alive.
The questions now are how will the scholars of tomorrow arise? Where will the scholars of tomorrow go to seek this knowledge and take it back to their communities? And what do we expect to change if we’re not supporting young students to study and become the scholars of tomorrow?

This is why the Islamic Scholars Fund matters.
Our Islamic Scholars Fund supports deserving Islamic scholars and students of Islamic knowledge—including (critically) dozens of Syrian scholars and students, thereby empowering them to teach, serve their communities, and to spread Prophetic guidance. We’ve also invested around the world in supporting the most capable scholars and students of Islamic knowledge to become future scholars and teachers of the highest caliber.

   1. Support the most deserving scholars & students
   2. Empower them to spread and seek Prophetic Guidance
   3. Transform millions of lives through the spread of Prophetic Light

The Islamic Scholars Fund operates on Fund Policies devised through careful consultation with a wide network of scholars in the West and East. It has been supported by scholars and leaders, including Habib Umar bin Hafiz, Imam Zaid Shakir, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, and Imam Siraj Wahaj, among others.

Supporting Islamic scholars is among the highest of Ummatic imperatives today.

Help spread the light of Prophetic guidance in these challenging times. Invest your Zakat and charity impactfully -- to preserve sound, reliable Islamic knowledge for future generations.

Will you join our passionate community of people who are changing lives by making Islamic Knowledge accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, completely FREE of charge?

Our Mission

deserving scholars & students to enable them to dedicate themselves to acquiring and disseminating authentic Islamic knowledge & guidance.
students to become trained scholars by equipping them with the tools to teach & transmit Sacred knowledge and become the future inheritors of the Prophetic light.
the lives of millions of Muslims by inspiring hearts, minds, and souls with the guidance passed down through the Islamic tradition over the centuries.

Our Vision We hope for a future where:

The livelihood of the scholars is sanctified so they can teach while securing a dignified life.
Qualified scholarship is easily accessible to all those seeking clarity and guidance.
The Muslim communities are thriving with centres of learning and knowledge.
And the Prophetic light shines bright in every home and every community around the world.


Since its establishment in 2015, the Islamic Scholars Fund has raised and disbursed over $9.3 Million to over 1000 deserving scholars and students globally.
Eight Years
of unwavering support
scholars & students supported
$9.3 Million
raised & disbursed
zakat disbursement policy

Who Do We Support?

Qualified Scholars (Female & Male)
Scholars in War-Torn Countries
Teachers & Students of Entire Seminaries
Students on the Path of Becoming Scholars

Our Videos

How it Works

Application Process
Application submitted to ISF committee. Only qualified persons are accepted.
Careful consideration and consultation with community leaders and scholars who know the candidate personally.
The Management and the Academy team proceed to assist the scholar or student in their pursuit to teach, learn, and disseminate Islamic knowledge.
Assessment via ISF policies and unanimous approvals proceed.
Once approved, the ISF initiates support on a monthly basis.
Every recipient of the Fund undergoes regular review by the ISF committee.

What Kind of Contributions Can be Made?

By the Numbers

The Islamic Scholars Fund disburses all funds collected within the recommended guidelines (one to four months).

A buffer is kept to ensure consistent support throughout the year, an external accounting firm maintains regular review,
and our committee do quarterly and annual reviews and auditing checks.


“The Islamic Scholars Fund has been helping scholars in areas of conflict to teach–so that lands ravaged by war won’t be ravaged by the removal of the scholars and the elimination of knowledge.”
Imam Zaid Shakir
Scholar & Community Leader
“Whatever crisis we are facing in the world today never eliminates our need for accurate and reliable religious knowledge, and for this reason, it is absolutely critical that we support religious scholars across the world.”
Dr. Hadia Mubarak
Scholar & Community Leader
“Learning religion doesn’t often lead to a career where we can sustain our families. We teach people for the sake of Allah, but in doing so livelihoods can become difficult. Many scholars will not say that they are struggling, because there is no honor in poverty. Yet, poverty still exists. That is why the Islamic Scholars Fund needs your support; to help those people who have given up their time, their lives, and their careers for the sake of Allah.”
Shaykh Jamal-Udden Hysaw
Teacher & Scholar
“The Islamic Scholars Fund is the world’s greatest secret, and one day its fruits will save millions of souls. Every scholar or student you support impacts hundreds of people. This is an opportunity to invest in this legacy that is multiplied exponentially. This is an amazing sadaqa jariya, and you can have a journey in that goodness.”
Faraz Yousufzai
Senior Fundraiser & Community Activist
“The Islamic Scholars Fund ensures that some of the highest calibers of Muslim scholars of our time, together with students with high potential, can continue to bless our generation through the inheritance which our Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) left; Knowledge. Even those who never took the path of scholarship in their lives have the opportunity to lift the burden from a scholar, thus facilitating for them to continue the Prophetic legacy.”
Adam Kelwick
Humanitarian & Community Activist
“My studies were only possible through the support of the Islamic Scholars Fund. I don’t know if I will be able to finish my studies because of the uncertainty of this fund– Sadly, I have seen many Shuyukh and scholars having to quit their studies to be able to provide for themselves.”
Ustadh Sufyan Qufi
Recipient of the Islamic Scholars Fund

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