September 28, 2022 6 mins

Tariqa Muhammadiyya Article Three: The Virtues of Taqwa in Hadiths

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. Taqwa is the concern within one to refrain from what is displeasing to Allah and preserve what is pleasing to Him. It manifests itself upon our limbs, but it begins from the heart. This article series—based upon Shaykh Faraz Rabbani’s course “The Path of Muhammad: Birgivi’s […]
September 27, 2022 7 mins

Should I Stick to One School of Thought or Become a Ghayr-Muqallid?

Answered by Shaykh Irshaad Sedick Question I know of a Ghayr-muqallid (non-follower of a traditional School of Law), who wants me to leave my school of thought (madhhab) to become a Ghayr-muqallid as well in order to follow “the strongest opinion” in every matter. Should I stick to my madhhab or become a ghayr-muqallid? Answer […]
September 27, 2022 10 mins

Should I Cut Ties with my Grandfather for Abandoning Traditional Schools of Law?

Answered by Shaykh Irshaad Sedick Question Is it compulsory for me to boycott my grandfather? After giving a triple divorce to my grandmother in one meeting, he started following an opinion that it counts as one. He was a Hanafi, but now he is a Ghayr-muqallid (non-followers of a traditional School of Law), and he […]
September 27, 2022 2 mins

Can I Cover Above My Ankles with Thick Tights?

Answered by Shaykh Yusuf Weltch Question Is it permissible for a women to wear a loose skirt or trousers that are a few inches above the ankle in length and cover the remaining part of the leg with thick opaque tights or socks? Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate Yes, […]