Last Ten Nights of Ramadan

Unlocking Divine Blessings: Powerful Duas for the Last Ten Nights of Ramadan

*Originally Published on 25/06/2016

In these last nights of Ramadan, gatherings are taking place, unlike any other time of the year. We should make sure we are a part of them, writes Imam Khalif Latif.

Gatherings are taking place in which no individual is turned away. The rich, the poor, the strong, the weak, young and old, male and female, skins of all color, complexions of every shade — gatherings that serve as reminders of and truly encompass the presence of the Divine. No one is left out, and everyone is welcomed in.

Men and women from all walks of life remove from themselves the shackles of the material and, for a moment, seek to feed only their spirits. The pursuit of the world becomes a fleeting thought, and in its place is the quest for tranquility and contentment that could never be satisfied by the possession of anything worldly.

Titles, ranks, and social class are left at the door. You simply stand as yourself. The worth of your standing is not assessed by anything other than the heart that you bring and how willing you are to let its presence define the moment instead of the tyrannical ego you have battled with for almost a month’s time prior to this moment.

Hearts will tremble. Tears will be shed. Bodies will feel a sense of strength unlike any other as they are relenting towards a soul they no longer control, yielding them not weakness but a power unlike anything experienced before.

Indeed, in His remembrance do hearts find rest.

Powerful Duas

Our Lord, ya Allah, bless our gatherings and all those who are in them. We stand for your sake; do not turn us away.

Answer our prayers and grant us the courage, wisdom, sincerity, and compassion to be the answer to the prayers of others — You are One Who Responds, Al-Mujib, and the All-Hearing, Al-Sami’.

Free our hearts of any anxiety, anguish, or unwarranted anger, from any bitterness, jealousy, or envy. Detach them from loving anything that causes us harm or gives us simple complacency and fill them instead with a lightness strengthened through gratitude, understanding, tranquility, and contentment — You are the Source of Peace, Al-Salam, and the One Who Enriches, Al-Mughni.

Envelop us in your Divine Love and help us to build a love for ourselves. We are weak and imperfect, but the perfection of Your Love stems from its embracing of us despite our being imperfect — You are the Loving One, Al-Wadud, and the Compassionate, Al-Rahman.

Free from us oppression, including oppression by our own selves, and keep us from being oppressive, including oppression against our own selves. Grant justice and ease to those held down and peace and stability to those in conflict. Make us satisfied with all that You have given us, and make us not amongst those who unjustly take from others — You are the Most Just, Al-‘Adl, and the All-Seeing, Al-Basir.

Make us amongst the honest, the truthful, the kind, and the conscious. Help us to honor the rights of all those around us, our families, our neighbors, and the societies in which we live. Free us from arrogance, hatred, and racism and endow us with a sense of respect for the diversity of Your creation — You are the Creator, Al-Khaliq, and the Most Generous, Al-Karim.

Give us leaders who are actually leaders, and make us followers who are deserving of great leaders. Grant us knowledge, wisdom, patience, sensibility, good intention, and a strong sense of passion. For organized evil will always triumph over disorganized righteousness, and it is time for us to stand better for those who need to be stood up for. Let our serving be not for our own selves but simply because it is the right thing to do. And forgive us, oh Lord, for not doing everything that we are able to — You are the Most-Wise, Al-Hakim, and the Patron and Helper, Al-Wali.

Shower upon us Your Divine Mercy and make us amongst the merciful ones who are merciful to all people, all creation, and the earth we walk upon — You are the Most Merciful, Ya Rahim.

Help us to be gentle with each other. Forgive us for our harshness and the mistakes we have made, and let kindness be found in all of our deeds and decisions. Give us a character that is beautiful in its nature and make us amongst those who remind the world that hope, mercy, and compassion do exist. You are Ever-Gentle, Ya Latif.

Make the pursuit of this world not our goal, but let our goals be for the best in the next world. Help us to sustain the lessons learned in this blessed month and let us not turn back to being those who we were prior to its advent.

Give us confidence that helps us see our strengths and weaknesses and protects us from arrogance, which lets us only see weakness in the world around us.

Give us the courage to reach our potential and protect us from the fear that keeps us from doing so. Let our growth be gradual and consistent and help us to strive every day, even if it is very little and enrich our lives with a richness of our souls.

Grant us companionship that helps us reach our best and keeps us from companions who hold us back. Grant us friends who encourage us towards all that is good and keep us from friends who take us towards that which is not. Arrange our hearts with those hearts that are gentle and tender and make us amongst those whose presence brings benefit and relief.

Accept from us our prayers and our fasting, our bowing, our kneeling, our standing, our prostrating. Grant us and our loved ones only the best in this world and the best in the next.

Forgive all those who love us, those whom we love, those who have wronged us, and those whom we have wronged.

Protect us from hearts that are not humble, tongues that are not wise, and eyes that have forgotten how to cry.

Make the best of our deeds the last of our deeds, and let us not leave this world other than in a state that is most pleasing to You.

Our Lord, ya Allah, accept from us, forgive us, and guide and bless us all. Amin.