Uncreated Beings Besides Allah?

Ustadh Farid Dingle is questioned about the possibility of their being other creators besides Allah.

Are there other uncreated beings alongside Allah? Seeing as how the definition of god is the one who created the universe and creation, is it possible for there to be uncreated beings that Allah did not create? A being that created their own universe and creation. That is not regarded as god by us but regarded as god by their own creation that they have created.

I am asking this question because I have a thought going through my head that before the existence of any creation Allah had a quarrel with other uncreated things over who is more powerful. And that is why Allah has created the mankind and jinn to worship him; to prove to the other uncreated things that He is the most powerful.

I also go through thoughts that other uncreated beings alongside Allah do exist, but they all live in peace and that they all have created their own things and only the things they created regard them to be gods but not the things that the other uncreated things have created.

I know this sounds like it is against the teachings of Islam and I have tried to find anything that goes against this but I can neither find any convincing evidence against this claim or for it. The Qur’an mentions the impossibility of multiple gods in Sura al-Anbiya 21:22. But that only had to do with multiple gods creating the same thing.

My question is to do with multiple uncreated beings that create their own creation who are not regarded as god by the creation of other uncreated beings, but regarded as god by their own creation.

Please I would like for you to clear this up for me and give me an answer as soon as possible, because I am extremely confused and I need to desperately know what is the answer against this claim.

I also have other thoughts that Allah has sexual organs. I go through this thought because Allah mentions he has hands and a shin. I need to know what is the response to all of the above queries I have.

Dear questioner, I would strongly advise you to listen to this series of podcasts: Why Islam Is True.

Regarding your question, it is logically impossible that there be multiple creators because that necessitate a level of dependency in being or actions.

Were there other beings with the power to create and destroy, nothing would stop them from destroying each other, and then they wouldn’t have necessary existence. Similarly, if there were there beings with the power to create and destroy, the execution of such powers would be contingent upon the agreement of other such beings, and this would also be a dependency.

In short, the being that keeps everything in existence and keeps things the specific way everything is exists without any dependency whatsoever, and this dictates that it (He) be one.

As for His not having body parts, this also returns to His freedom of need: parts take up a certain among of space and this would entail that He needs space to exist. Verses that mention His hand or face are metaphorical. For more detail, please see Literalism and the Attributes of Allah.

Theologically, whenever anyone returns the whole of existence to one being, that being must be completely self-explainable: that it is and what is does cannot return to some other external determiner.

This is why the Big Bang cannot be the reason for the universe, Brahma, Jesus or, anything else apart from Allah as He is in the Qur’an.

Allah summarizes this beautifully in Sura al-Ikhlas 112: 1-4.

Say: It is the Allah is One, the One to Whom all else returns;
Never has He had children, nor was He ever born;
And there was [and never will be] anything equal to Him.

Again, listen to the podcasts and this will be more than clear, insha Allah.

I pray this helps.


Checked and approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

How Do I Know that Allah Most High Exists and is Actively Maintaining Creation?

Answered by Shaykh Faraz A. Khan

Question: Science is affecting my faith, so my questions are:

(1) How do I know that Allah Most High exists?


(2) How do I know the Qur’an is in fact revelation and truly miraculous?


(3) How do I know that He is Active, i.e., He did not just create the world and stepped back?


Answer: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

I pray this finds you in the best of health and states.

The Existence of Allah Most High

With respect to the existence of Allah Most High, the signs are far too numerous and overwhelming to even attempt to delineate in an answer such as this. Revelation itself is the greatest proof for humanity, and indeed each verse of the Qur’an is called a ‘sign’ (aya), as it indicates that it is none other than divine speech.

I would like to, however, point out two other dimensions of ‘divine signs’ that might be of interest to you: (a) the cosmos, and (b) your own self, both of which — even if analyzed from a purely scientific perspective — are replete with innumerable wonders, that direct the mind towards a very real awareness of the one Creator.

With respect to the greater cosmos, you can read for example “The Privileged Planet”, a detailed exposition of how our planet is perfectly designed to support life, and moreover precisely positioned for us to marvel over the universe.

And to appreciate how the human body is itself a universe, filled with the most wondrous engineering and design, you can read for example “Signature in the Cell”, referring to the biochemical and genetic complexity of the very building blocks of human life.

Keep in mind that these authors are scientists and are engaged in scientific discourse. They are simply presenting evidence for their theories, and they themselves may not believe in the Creator. Yet for those whose minds are not limited to a scientific paradigm, but can simply reflect as human beings, such books provide detailed information of clear design and specification, which intuitively leads to recognition of the Designer and Specifier.

The Qur’an: True Revelation

As for the truthfulness and miraculous nature of the Qur’an — revelation from the Creator and Designer of all things — please see this related answer:

The Truth of Islam, the Qur’an, & the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

Allah’s Constant Maintaining of Creation

The proof of this reality — that Allah the Creator is active and constantly maintains creation in existence, creating every moment as well as everything that exists in each moment — is based on His own statements revealed to us.

In more than one verse, Allah Most High describes Himself as “Creator of everything” (13:16, 39:62, 40:62), and indeed, every moment is a “thing”, as well as every substance, quality, cause and effect that exists in that moment.

Allah Most High also states about Himself, “Every day, He is engaged in a matter” (55:29). “Day” in this context simply refers to a unit of time, as the great exegete Imam Baydawi comments, “That is, in every moment, He creates persons and recreates states and situations, based on His pre-eternal determination.” [Anwar al-Tanzil wa Asrar al-Ta’wil]

Surely, creation is always on the verge of winking back into nonexistence. Were it not for Allah’s constant ‘activity’, it would all disappear.

And Allah knows best.

Checked & Approved by Faraz Rabbani