A Nursing Mother’s Ramadan Reflections, by Ustadha Raidah Shah Idil

Ustadha Raidah Shah Idil thought she knew what a challenging fasting day was…until she became a mother and began nursing her baby. I thought that my hardest Ramadans were the ones I spent in Jordan, as a young student of knowledge. The days were incredibly long, and the blistering summer heat was like nothing I’d ever […]

I Think That My Mother-In-Law Has Breastfed Me. Is My Marriage Valid?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: Assalam alaykum I’m married to my cousin. A few years after my wedding, I heard my mum saying that my aunt (my mother-in-law) breastfed me when I was a baby. My aunt said it isn’t true. I can’t seem to remove my mum’s previous comments that I was breastfed […]

Should I Be Breastfeeding My Baby for Two Years?

Answered by Ustadh Salman Younas Question: Assalam aleykum When should solid baby food be introduced to infants? Is milk supposed to be their primary food until age two per the sunnah? Answer: assalamu alaykum Breastfeeding for two years is not necessary. The Qur’anic command simply gives a mother the right to breastfeed for this period […]

Is Breastfeeding an Excuse to Not Fast?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: Assalam alaykum, My wife will be pregnant in Ramadan. She may also be breastfeeding our daughter. When she fasts she has very little milk for our son who then struggle throughout the day. Does my wife has dispensation from fasting this Ramadan? Answer: Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah, The […]

My Friend’s Baby Breastfeeds Throughout the Day. Is She Exempt From Fasting?

Answered by Ustadha Raidah Shah Idil Question: A friend is breastfeeding her 16 month old baby throughout the day. She didn’t fast last year as her baby wasn’t getting enough milk. She is now worried about this coming Ramadhan because of her baby and she might find it difficult to fast. Is she exempt from […]

What Are the Consequences for My Family After Breastfeeding My Brother’s Daughter?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: I have breastfed my brother’s eldest daughter. Will my son become a mahram to other kids (meaning siblings of the child I breastfed) as well? Will my son become mahram to my brother’s wife? Answer: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I pray that you are in the best […]

Is It Permitted to Breastfeed in Public?

Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Question: Assalam’aleykum What is the Islamic stance on breastfeeding in public? These days there are many things you can buy that help you cover up while breastfeeding, so you don’t expose yourself. Is it frowned upon to breastfeed in public? Answer: Walaikum assalam, I pray this finds you in the […]

Can a Wife Demand Payment for Nursing Her Child? (Shafi’i)

Answered by Shaykh Shuaib Ally Question: Assalam alaykum, Can a wife demand payment from her husband for breastfeeding their child? Answer: Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah, If a mother wants to breastfeed her child, it is not permissible for the father to prevent her from doing so. However, it is not considered obligatory for a […]

Are We Allowed to Read and Listen to the Quran While Breastfeeding and Pumping?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: Assalam alaikum. Are we allowed to read and listen to the Quran while breastfeeding and pumping? Answer: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I pray that you are well, insha’Allah. Yes, you can listen to the Qur’an while breastfeeding your child. Technically, the breast is not considered to be from your […]

Fasting Ramadan: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & You

This is series of articles surrounding the intricacies of fasting whilst pregnant and breastfeeding, both from a scientific point of view, looking at studies that have been published over recent years on the subject, and also from a fiqh point of view. We pray the articles are of benefit. This is a project by Umm-Hasan […]