Past Debts, Preparation of Will and Funeral

Ustadh Farid Dingle is asked about paying past debts, how to prepare one’s will including instructions for one’s funeral and what must be done.   Question: Assalam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh. 1. In the past I wronged my employer, I recently explained to him what I did and offered to pay him back […]

Should We Turn Away From the Deceased Before Supplicating?

Answered by Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan Question: Assalam alaykum, I have recently attended an Islamic funeral where the imam asked the congregation to turn away from the deceased before making dua. Does this has any basis? Answer:Wa alaykum salam May Allah reward you for your question I’ve attended a similar janazah procession where the Imam instructed […]

What You Need to Know About the Fiqh of Burial, by Imam Tahir Anwar

How much do you know about the fiqh of burial? Do you know what is the first call to make when someone dies? What sort of preparation do you need to make? Is there a religious significance to washing the shroud in Zamzam water? What sort of instructions should you give to your relatives? Is […]

Can You Put a Turban on the Deceased?

Answered by Shaykh Umer Mian Question: Assalam aleykum, Can you put a turban on the deceased and bury him with it? Answer: Wa alaikum as-salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu The most correct opinion in the Hanafi madhab (al-qawl al-asahh) is that it is makruh (disliked) to place an ‘imamah (turban) on the deceased. This is […]

Imam Khalid Latif on “Losing Someone Close To You”

There is a narration that is found in the Islamic tradition in which a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, named Abdur Rahman ibn Awf speaks about visiting the Prophet’s infant son, Ibrahim. In this particular narration, he mentions that the Prophet kisses Ibrahim and takes him close, and then later begins […]

Can We Delay the Burial of Someone To Avoid Dispute?

Answered by Ustadh Salman Younas Question: There is a situation in my family concerning my ill grandfather. In the event that he were to pass, I fear that there would be family discord if we were to bury him immediately without waiting for his son to arrive. Given his location, this would realistically require 2-3 […]

Is it permissible to erect gravestones at graves for identification?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: The only Muslim cemetery where I live is  controlled by a mosque of a different islamic sensibility. We have been trying to get their leader to allow us to bury our dead with gravestones, but their shaykh says it is shirk. Could you clarify the Hanafi position on gravestones? […]

Burying in Coffins or Caskets

Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Question: According to local law here, a body cannot be wrapped only in a cloth and buried; it must be enclosed in a casket. Is it not improper to be buried in a fully enclosed container, according to Islamic law? What if the body is in a casket, but there […]

Burial Amongst Muslims, and a Directive for Proper Burial/Estate Division

Answered by Shaykh Faraz A. Khan Question: My question is about Islamic requirements for what to do after death.   I just told my mother that I’m Muslim after converting from Christianity four years ago. My sister does not even know yet. My father died many years ago when I was young.  We all miss […]