Urgent: Help Us Raise $200,000 for Women’s Islamic Scholarship!

Less than two days remain to raise USD 200,000 for women’s Islamic scholarship! Watch Shaykh Faraz Rabbani’s appeal below.

Supporting Women Scholars Is A Necessity

SeekersHub Global Islamic Seminary recognises the urgency of preserving and promoting female scholarship. Women have always been key to the preservation of the Prophetic Call—including the contributions of jurists, historians, and protectors of the traditions of our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. It is imperative that we support female scholarly voices who are experts on dealing with women’s issues in Fiqh, Islamic social sciences, and more.

In our societies, there is a lack of institutions and institutional funding for women’s scholarship. Reviving Women’s Islamic Scholarship is our effort at addressing this issue.

Unfortunately, less than half of the funds have been donated so far – a sad reminder of how little support is available for female seekers. This campaign is Zakat eligible and we urgently need your help in order to make it a success.

Your charity and Zakat donations can help as follows:

  • Helper – $30 can help buy groceries
  • Supporter – $50 can help buy study materials
  • Sponsor – $250 can buy key reference books
  • Champion – $500 can help pay for tuition and tutoring
  • Companion – $1,000 can help pay for essential family expenditure
  • Protector – $5,000 can help pay rent for more than one month
  • Leader – $10,000 can help provide long term security

How You Can Help:

  • DONATE – Spend your charity and Zakat in this urgent and worthy cause. Give generously, and be assured that even the smallest donation—with sincerity—can amount to great impact.
  • SHARE – Please share this campaign with family, friends, and your community. Ask those you know—with your own personal appeal—to support this campaign.
  • MAKE DU’A – Success is only from Allah Most High, so your dua’s are of immense value. May Allah reward you with that for which you ask and even more, Ameen.

Click here to view the campaign and to donate!

Do Something about it!

A timely call for us to be proactive in these challenging times:-

Imam Hamid Slimi

As-Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

As you very well know, many of us have been attending conferences and forums especially in the last 14 years after 9/11 explaining and speaking about Islam and the Muslim stance in regard to many different issues but more importantly about the recent violent acts of extremism done in the name of our faith. These acts are becoming a daily news and a global phenomenon happening almost everywhere around the world including here in Canada with the recent attacks and threats. We are inviting everyone to do his/her share by getting involved in our programs but urgently in our social media campaign.

Here is how you can help us:1. Watch the following 11 minutes video released today, Friday, Jan 23. It is called “The Legacy of Peacemaking”. Please forward the link to all the Muslims and non-Muslims that you know around the world:
2. Watch the following 7 minutes video about our campaign’s 10 action Points and forward the link to all the Muslims that you know around the world:

3. Go to the Facebook Page and like us and share it with all the people you know.Together we can make a difference! This is not a reactive approach but rather a small proactive one and a long-term vision in action.May All bless you all and Peace be with you!

Dr. Hamid Slimi
Syeda Khadija Centre