Diffused Congruence In Conversation With Nader Khan

Diffused Congruence’s latest podcast episode features one of our favourite Muslim singers/songwriters Nader Khan, who speaks about his life journey, how he ended up choosing the path that he did, and what new projects he has coming up.

Also, hear co-host Zaki Hasan discuss his trip to Washington DC for the Eid-al-Fitr reception at the White House, as well as other odds and ends. Remember to follow Diffused Congruence on Facebook!

Ramadan Fitness and Fiqh-ness Special

We love the special Ramadan episode from Diffused Congruence with Imam Tahir Anwar who speaks about how best to maximize one’s spiritual pursuits during the month of Ramadan, and fitness trainer Rehan Jalali on how to make one’s morning and evening meals as efficient and healthy as possible so you don’t feel ill-effects from the long fasts. A great listen! Do visit their Facebook page and hit ‘Like’ – their updates are great!

Ramadan Fitness and Fiqh-ness Special


Photo by Joel Mann.

Comedian Azhar Usman Gets Serious

Azhar UsmanThe folks at Diffused Congruence have a laugh with comedian Azhar Usman — “America’s Funniest Muslim” — “for a wide-ranging, free-form conversation that’s as incisive and introspective as it is hilarious. Azhar covers everything from the role of satire and humor in Islam to the recent tragic terror attacks in Paris — and that’s just scratching the surface.”

Listen below:

Imam Zaid Shakir in conversation – Zaytuna and More.

“We now have a platform (Zaytuna) to bring our values into the mainstream…”

Diffused Congruence speak to Imam Zaid Shakir on “a founding member of Zaytuna College… on the school’s history and its mission. Then he shares the amazing story of his own journey to Islam, in the process helping to add yet more layers to the ongoing tapestry of the American Muslim experience that we’ve been weaving together ever since our very first show. It’s a fascinating conversation with one of the most prominent and preeminent Muslim minds in the world.”

Diffused Congruence is a podcast highlighting and focusing on unique and interesting personalities from within and without the Muslim community.


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