Legal Rulings of Travel : A Reader

This reader gathers many resources on different subjects on the legal rulings related to travel, such as combining prayers, and fasting. For more, also see The Etiquette of Traveling: A Comprehensive SeekersHub Reader General Guidance Traveling on Friday: Disliked or Not? When am I Considered a Traveller? (Shafi’i) What Is Considered to Be a City Boundary When Traveling?  Parental […]

Fasting for Love: Habib Kadhim’s Ramadan Message #Fast4Love

Note: This is translation of the Arabic video from the Fasting for Love webinar In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds. And peace and mercy be upon the most noble of prophets and messengers: our master and beloved, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon […]