Legal Rulings of Travel

Legal Rulings of Travel : A Reader

This reader gathers many resources on different subjects on the legal rulings related to travel, such as combining prayers, and fasting.

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General Guidance

Traveling on Friday: Disliked or Not?

When am I Considered a Traveller? (Shafi’i)

What Is Considered to Be a City Boundary When Traveling? 

Parental Approval to Travel to Seek Knowledge

Spiritual Dimensions of Travel


Praying While Travelling

The Basic Rulings of Praying While Traveling (Hanafi) 

What Are the Rules of Travel And Prayer According to the Shafi’i School? 

Joining Prayers While Traveling (Maliki)

How Make up My Missed Prayers from Travel?

Are We Supposed to Pray Sunna and Witr Prayers When Traveling

When Is a Person Considered a Traveler Who Can Shorten Their Prayers?


Fasting While Travelling

When and Where Do I Break My Fast on a 20 Hour Airline Flight?

Can I Break My Fast While Traveling During Ramadan?

Should I Feel Bad for Not Fasting When I Had to Travel?

When Am I Allowed to Not Fast When Traveling?


Women Travelling

Can I Travel by Plane Without a Mahram?

Can I Follow Another Madhhab When Traveling?

Can a Woman Travel Alone for More Than 48 Miles If There Is a Benefit?