The Reality of Gratitude and Its Fruits

Gratitude is not just a warm sentiment that one has. The believers’ gratitude has an object. Our gratitude is to Allah Most High. So the gratitude of the believer is different from other peoples’ gratitude. Our gratitude is also different because we don’t just feel gratitude for some things. The believer feels gratitude for everything.

How To Be Free of All But Allah

There are those who choose Allah over all else, and then there are the chosen ones who Allah chooses above all others as an acceptance of their devotion to Him. In under 16 minutes, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani gives us clear guidance on how we can too, become free of all intention to please anything or […]

Reflection is the Light of Hearts – An Aphorism of Ibn Ata’illah Explained by Imam Zarruq

Translated by Faraz Rabbani Ibn Ata’illah (Allah have mercy upon him) states in his Aphorisms (Hikam): Reflection is the light of hearts. If reflection leaves, the heart has no light. One of the great commentators on the Aphorisms of Ibn Ata’illah, Imam Ahmad Zarruq, explains: This means that reflection (fikr) is the light-giving lamp by […]

Contemporary Wisdom – Imam Zaid Shakir on the Hikam of Ibn Ata’illah

Contemporary Wisdom – Imam Zaid Shakir on the Hikam of Ibn Ata’illah The largest Islamic organization in the United States, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), publishes a bi-monthly magazine called “Islamic Horizons.” In the most recent issue (May/June 2013), they began publishing Imam Zaid Shakir’s contemporary commentary on the famous “Ḥikam (Wisdoms)” of […]