Support SeekersGuidance’s Islamic Scholars Fund – Ibn Ali Miller

Ibn Ali Miller urges you to support SeekersGuidance’s Islamic Scholars Fund. He laments that many people only donate in Ramadan, while the Fund supports scholars and students work year round. Ibn Ali explains that if we donate now, these scholars and students will be able to do their jobs during the holy month. “You should […]

The Trodden Path (Episode 2): A Glimpse At the Lives of the Illustrious Scholars and Saints of the 20th and 21st Century.

In this newly anticipated series, Shaykh Shoayb Ahmed of South Africa will take us on a journey through the lives and biographies of some of the most celebrated and well known scholars of the twentieth and twenty – first century. These historical accounts will provide us with refreshing insights and lessons, and motivate us to […]

Islamic Logic: Bring Order and Clarity to Your Religious Reasoning

An Introduction to Islamic Logic: Abhari’s Isagoge Explained Have you ever had trouble arguing for your Faith? Have you ever wished you knew of a better way to clarify what others might find obscure in Islam? About the course Islamic Logic is an ancillary science, the main purpose of which is to • protect Muslim […]

What does Islamic knowledge do for us? Shaykh Idris Watts

What does Islamic knowledge do for us, what is its nature and how does it transform us? Shaykh Idris Watts elucidates in this brief video at the UK’s Micro-Madrasa.   Resources for seekers All knowledge is sacred knowledge Should I Finish My College Degree Before Seeking Sacred Knowledge? “From knowing nothing to becoming a student of […]

Who Should We Learn Religion From?

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani answers the question: who do we take knowledge from? He details the advice of al-Khatib al-Shirbini, which revolves around three main points: (1) consulting the scholars experts in the discipline, (2) following those who act on what Islam entails, and (3) following those who learned with scholars and not through only reading […]

Study Guide for Seekers of Knowledge

al Muntannabi said: he who seeks pearls, immerses himself in the sea. To be a successful student of knowledge, one should understand all aspects of studying, teaching, and learning. We have included links that will help seekers take their learning to the next level: Seeker’s Expectations – How to Seek Knowledge Steps to Success on […]

Studying Tips for SeekersHub’s Students

Studying Tips for SeekersHub’s Students 1. Recite the Imam al-Haddad’s Intention for Seeking knowledge before the class. It is good adab to have wudhu (ablution) before attending your class. 2. Schedule the live sessions into your schedule using a day-planner, especially if you are taking more than one class with SeekersHub. 3. Study in an […]

Seeking Benefit as a Seeker of Knowledge – Explanation of a Chapter of Imam Zarnuji’s Work on the Adab of Seeking Islamic Knowledge

Seeking Benefit as a Seeker of Knowledge – Explanation of a Chapter of Imam Zarnuji’s Work on the Adab of Seeking Islamic Knowledge – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Shaykh Faraz Rabbani quotes and discusses Imam Zarnuji on the Adab, practices and strategies in seeking Islamic knowledge. “Knowledge is taken from the mouths of those that are […]