Using Pills to Stop Menstrual Bleeding

Answered by Ustadha Shaista Maqbool Question: I have been keeping all my fasts before my periods started.  On the first day of my period I took a pill that delays the periods so I don’t have to miss my fasts. It worked and they stopped so I started keeping my fasts again.  Have I done […]

Acts Prohibited During Menstruation and Their Proofs

Answered by Ustadha Shaista Maqbool Question: Is there any hadith or verse from the Qur’an that mentions the 8 acts that are prohibited for a menstruating woman? Answer: Wa’alaikum assalaam warahamtu Allah, There is no one verse or hadith which comprises everything that is impermissible for menstruating women, rather these rulings are taken from numerous […]

Making Up Fasts Missed Due to Menstruation

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: I have years worth of missed fasts due to menstruation as I was unaware I had to make them up. I am unsure of what I should do.  Do I pay fidya? I am poor and without income and will have to save up money to pay.   Answer: […]

Can a Menstruating Woman Perform a Ritual Bath for the Deceased?

Answered by Ustadh Salman Younas Question: Can a menstruating woman perform ghusl on the deceased in the Hanafi school? Answer: wa `alaykum assalam It is permissible for a menstruating woman to perform a ritual-bath for the deceased. The consideration that needs to be taken into account is the permissibility of the woman performing the ritual-bath […]

Is Blood During Pregnancy Considered Menstruation?

Answered by Ustadha Shaista Maqbool Question: If a pregnant woman bleeds during the time of her menstrual cycle every month, would she keep on praying or will she follow the routine of menstruation.The gynecologist also said that its very normal for woman to menstruate during their pregnancy and still have normal births. Answer: Assalaamu alaikum […]

Does Vaginal Discharge Break Wudu?

Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Question: I wanted to know what the ruling was for women who have discharge… does it nullify their wudu?… if so, then what about the women who have it daily, even if they discharge during prayer… does it then mean that their prayer does not count and that they’d have […]

Menstruation, Prayers And Make-Ups

Answered by Ustadha Sulma Badrudduja Question: If I delay Isha by two hours, and after that time my period occurs, do I have to make qada of that salaah, when I return to my normal state of praying? Secondly, whilst my intention is to recite the entire Quran and then it is brought to my […]

Discolored Menstrual Blood & When To Stop Praying

Answered by Waseem Hussain Question: I find it rather difficultto determine the start and end of my menstrual cycle. Sometimes i see a very light colored discharge around the time my period is due. Sometimes the discharge continues for 2-3 days before a brownish discharge, followed by the regular red bleeding starts. At other times, […]