Letter to the West: we just have to learn to live together – Habib Ali al-Jifri

Original article can be found here. This is a letter to the West, particularly to its thinkers, academics and opinion-makers. The publication of a new set of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the aftermath of the Paris attacks was regrettable. For many people it demonstrated a commonality between the thought process of the attackers […]

Six Reasons Why the Fort Hood Killings by Nidal Hasan Are Clearly Impermissible (Haram) in Islamic Law

1. Betrayal of covenant (`and). 2. Impermissible deceit (ghadr). 3. Killing those not actively engaged in combat. 4. Doing something without clear religious sanction. 5. Doing something of manifest greater harm for Muslims. 6. The basis of taking human life is that it is decisively haram, unless there is clear and manifest sanction to the […]