Tools of an Effective Da’iyah, Surat Ṭahā (verses 25 to 29), Duas from the Qur’an Explained

You’re listening to a series of lessons on important duas found in the Qur’an, as explained by Shaykh Ahmed Sa’ad Al Azhari – a distinguished master of the Qur’an and scholar in residence at Seekershub Toronto during Ramadan 2015. All SeekersHub programming during this blessed month is freely available at the Ramadan Hub. Your financial support is […]

Essential apps for Hajj – Radical Middle Way

Essential apps for Hajj So you have parted with thousands of pounds and booked the journey of your life. You’ve bought a tonne of books and even attended a Hajj seminar. But you still want that little something that will serve as a reminder in case you become overwhelmed. You want something that is within […]