Doubts about Cleanliness

Shaykh Salman Younas is asked if minute amounts of filth affect ritual purity.

I prayed my salah and after I came to washroom I found a drop of urine to the size of an ant, so I just soaked my hand with water and rubbed it gently, and did not squeeze that, and the stain was gone too. Please tell me whether I am tahir or najis?

You are not considered impure.

Even if you prayed with a small drop of urine on your body/clothing of the type you describe, this is excused. In the Hanafi school, the extent of approximately 5 cm, in diameter, is excused in liquid filth that is deemed “major filth,” such as urine. While it is best to remove such filth before praying, if one did pray while being effected by this amount of filth, the prayer is valid.

This ruling shows that there is leeway when it comes to the rulings of filth and impurities. As such, we should not be excessive in how we deal with this issue, nor fall into baseless misgivings. The base assumption that we hold regarding our bodies, clothing, place of prayer, etc., is that it is pure unless there is clear evidence to the contrary.


Checked and approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

Is It Permissible to Not Fast While at My Destination If I Intend to Stay There 6 Days? How Urinary Incontinence Should Be Dealt With Regarding Prayer? (Shafi’i School)

Answered by Shaykh Shuaib Ally

Question: Assalam alaykum,

1) I intend to travel to another country during Ramadan. I will reach my destination on the afternoon of the 12th of July and stay till the afternoon of the 18th of July (inshaAllah). Would I be permitted not to fast while at my destination?

2) I suffer from discharge of urine drops. For every prayer, I cleanse myself, wrap a tissue around my private part to prevent the filth from spreading and then take wudhu. Sometimes, the tissue comes off when I’m making wudhu. If I pray without the tissue on and some urine drops are discharged during prayer, is my prayer valid?

Answer: Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

In the Shafi’i school:

1) It would not be permissible for you to not fast while at your destination, because you intend to remain there for at least four days (not including the day you arrive and the day you leave), the period the school considers sufficient in not considering you a traveler. Not counting the day you arrive and the day you leave, your period of residence would be five days, the thirteenth to the seventeenth.

2) If the tissue comes off while performing wudu because one hasn’t put it on properly, leading to urine being discharged during prayer, the wudu and prayer would be invalid. Prior to performing wudu, a person with urinary incontinence would be required to wash their private parts, cover it, and reasonably ensure that it is held in place, such that impurities cannot unnecessarily spread to one’s clothing.

May Allah grant you health and well-being.

Source: al-Hawashi al-Madaniyyah

Shuaib Ally