Do I Pay Zakat on Foreign Property?

Shaykh Abdurrahim Reasat answers a question related to the payment of Zakat on foreign property (according to the Hanafi school of thought).   Question: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahuh Hope you are well. I have a question re. zakat. My family has put a property abroad under my name – presumably to avoid problems […]

Allah’s Deal With The Poor – What It Means For you, by Shaykh Faid Said

When you give to the poor and needy from the wealth you have been blessed with, there is a promise from Allah that is beyond imagination and comparison. Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said tells us more. Bismillah-ir Rahman-ir Raheem. None of us could have ever wished to come to this world, as none of us even […]

The Greatest Reward: Fulfilling The Urgent Need Of Others

A fund like no other Alhamdullilah, last year we established the SeekersHub Global Zakat Fund, a fund like no other, supporting deserving scholars and students of knowledge, both locally and abroad. We distributed over $350,000 in zakat funds in 2015. This year, it is our mission to raise $1 million in zakat funds. The impact of your zakat […]

Blessed Is The Wealth That’s Given, and That Which Remains – Imam Zaid Shakir

Imam Zaid Shakir gives a beautiful, brief explanation of zakah in this video. It’s a topic many of us hope to know well but you haven’t heard it until you’ve heard it from Imam Zaid! May Allah bless our teachers and the National Zakat Foundation in the United Kingdom, ameen.  

Is Advance Payment of Zakat Permissible in the Shafi’i School?

Answered by Shaykh Omar Qureshi Question: My question is particular to the Shafi’i school. Is it permissible to pay zakah in advance of the fiscal year-end, for more than one year. Can I, for example, pay 2 or 3 years of zakah in advance. Of course making sure to make necessary adjustments in the future […]