Qur’an Recitation: A Comprehensive SeekersHub Reader

Qur’an recitation forms the eighth chapter of Imam Al-Ghazali’s seminal work, the Ihya, which is widely regarded as the greatest work on Islamic spirituality in the world. Here, we share some of the best SeekersHub resources available on this subject plus video recordings from SeekersHub Toronto, where live sessions will be held everyday this Ramadan. Ghazali […]

Rules of Reciting the Qur’an: Iqlab and Ikhfa’ Shafawi

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: What is the opinion of the Qur’an scholars for Iqlab (nun sakinah -> ba’) and Ikhfa’ Shafawi (mim sakinah -> ba’) 1. Should we open our mouth in both cases? 2. Should we close our mouth in both cases? 3. Should we open our mouth (a little bit) in […]

Should I Repeat My Qur’an and Du’a Recitations Due to Errors in Pronunciation?

Answered by Ustadh Salman Younas Question: I have a habit of repeating my Qur’an and du’a recitation. Should I stop worrying and just try to avoid falling into this habit moving forward? Answer: wa `alaykum assalam This is falling into baseless misgivings and needs to be avoided. This religion of ours was revealed to people […]