Debt: How It Destroys Lives, How You Can Fight It

RizqwiseThe good folks at Rizqwise have a very worthy multi-part series on debt that you should really listen to.
If you haven’t got the time, this concluding episode is not to be missed. Rizqwise speak to Rehan Huda, a prominent investment banker and leading authority in Islamic Finance, about some of the key lessons we can learn from the long history of debt.
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Debt: The Full Rizqwise Series

  • How Debt Destroys Lives, Communities, and Civilizations
    Duration: 53:11
  • How to Stay Out of Debt (For Good)
    Duration: 33:58
  • Ask Risqwise: Is investing in the stock market risky?
    Duration: 27:51
  • How to Get Back on Track With Your Debt Elimination Plan
    Duration: 29:16
  • 5 Tips to Stay Motivated While Paying Off Debt
    Duration: 29:09
  • Ask Rizqwise: Should I pay off loans before investing?
    Duration: 18:45
  • Avalanche vs Snowball: Two Very Different Ways to Pay Off Debt
    Duration: 29:51
  • Ask Rizqwise: How do I go “all in” on debt?
    Duration: 26:14
  • How to Set Your Debt Free Date
    Duration: 27:31
  • The Critical First Step to Eliminating Debt Once and For All
    Duration: 20:18
  • Ask Rizqwise: Why Credit Cards Make You Spend More Money
    Duration: 20:58
  • The Great Debate: Active vs Passive Investing
    Duration: 29:21
  • Ask Rizqwise: Getting Married and Out of Debt
    Duration: 25:38


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RizqWise: Episode 1 – The Problem with Letting Money Run your Life

“An excellent, insightful podcast worth listening to if you want to manage your money in a purposeful, benefit-driven manner guided by Islamic values.”

– Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

The Problem With Letting Money Run Your LifeDo you run your money?
Or does your money run you?
Most people have a dysfunctional relationship with money. They try not to think about it because — let’s face it — it’s usually an uncomfortable topic. And they really only pay attention when there’s a major crisis (or purchase).
To make matters worse, there aren’t many places where Muslims can turn for help. There’s a lot of resources in the “mainstream” personal finance space. But the problem is, as a Muslim, there’s always a disconnect between what the experts say and what you believe.
Here’s the good news: there is a way to bring your financial life in line with your values as a Muslim. It begins by redefining your relationship with money and telling it who’s boss.
In this first episode of Rizqwise, you’ll discover:

  • Why we decided to build a personal finance resource just for Muslims
  • What role religion should play in defining your relationship with money
  • Why most people underestimate the role money plays in their lives
  • The problem with limiting the discussion to “avoiding interest”
  • Why most people go through life on auto-pilot and live to regret it
  • How to apply Prophetic advice that we’ve all heard to your finances

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