Tap Into The Light of Muhammad’s Message – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

Seeking the Light of Muhammad’s Message ﷺ Shaykh Yahya Rhodus can’t help but feel nostalgic for his early days as a Muslim. In this video, from SeekersHub’s 2015 tour of South Africa, Shaykh Yahya shares his story from 1996 and explains what led him to appreciate its blessing. One thing that stood out was how the light […]

Muslim Scholars: Are They Irrelevant? by Shaykh Salim Moeladawilah

In the increasing accessibility of the digital age, we can connect with many more of our fellow believers from all over the globe. We are exposed to a greater variety of cultures, practices, traditions, and opinions. This begs the question; is it really necessary to take our knowledge from Muslim scholars, if we can access […]

What Is Sanad Prep? An Interview with Sanad Founding Director, Rehan Mirza

I would answer this question by saying what Sanad Prep is not. Sanad Prep is not simply an ‘Islamic’ School. Sanad Prep is a model way of educating children. It is based on the understanding that every child was and is a soul before it was a body. It is a soul-centered approach that leads […]