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Tap Into The Light of Muhammad’s Message – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

Seeking the Light of Muhammad’s Message ﷺ

Shaykh Yahya Rhodus can’t help but feel nostalgic for his early days as a Muslim.
In this video, from SeekersHub’s 2015 tour of South Africa, Shaykh Yahya shares his story from 1996 and explains what led him to appreciate its blessing. One thing that stood out was how the light of Islam stayed strong through the numerous generations and tragedies, until it reached us.
You don’t need to tell light to radiate, he explains. It just does, and its to the extent that darkness exists that prevents light, but his light is shining.

Secondly, we need to tap into that light until we gain enough to be guidance in their own rights. He gives the example of the area of Silicon Valley, where although things look rosy and materially perfect, the people are mentally and spiritually struggling in unimaginable ways.

Finally, he says that the Prophet us that there is always hope, that every tragedy in the world will be rectified in the end. We can never react in a way which he  would not have liked us to act. This isn’t about us, it’s about God.

Interested in learning more about the Divine message and how it pertains to our generation? Check out Shaykh Yahya’s free online course The Marvels of the Heart, and covers principals of Islamic beliefs and spirituality, such as the place of the soul, spirit, heart and intellect as pertains to their heart.

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