What Is Sanad Prep? An Interview with Sanad Founding Director, Rehan Mirza

I would answer this question by saying what Sanad Prep is not. Sanad Prep is not simply an ‘Islamic’ School. Sanad Prep is a model way of educating children. It is based on the understanding that every child was and is a soul before it was a body. It is a soul-centered approach that leads all of our efforts and truly makes Sanad Prep a place of “higher learning”.

The practical application of this is through uncompromising emphasis on Adab (moral etiquette). Beyond this, there is an understanding that for students of knowledge at Sanad Prep there is a clear and consistent expectation of academic ihsaan (excellence) and academic integrity.

We focus on individual mastery versus group monotony; meaning that the student only progress forward after they are well grounded in the material currently at hand. With emphasis on mastery versus grades and understanding over competitiveness, students are dependent on their own inward himmah (aspiration/motivation) and personal achievement potential. Thus, Sanad Prep requires a special type of student (and family).

Both the standard sciences and sacred sciences are taught. Our standard sciences curriculum is state of the art and empowers parents to be the guardians of the children’s education. They can see, in real time, student achievement and also, with confidence, easily work with their children at home. The curriculum gives them all the resources and tools to be Parent Learning Coaches. We believe this helps develop and strengthen the bond between parent and child. More and more parents of our Sanad Prep students begin to see the learning potential of their children when in our program. As students progress in our model, they become self-guided learners. This is why we are honored by this partnership and truly believe that “a self-directed child is a wonder to behold.” (L. Dobson, The Learning Coach Approach).

Our sacred sciences curriculum uses authentic and pioneering resources primarily from Iqra Publications. We are use advanced books and online, specially selected, for our upper level students. Our greatest asset though is the way our learning coaches teach. We focus on our students to have empathy and honor for the seerah, as well as sound comprehension and appreciation for fiqh and aqeedah.

In the end we hope families choose Sanad Prep for the values we espouse, the quality of curriculum, and the great human beings we aim to develop.

Rehan Mirza is Founding Director of Sanad Trust Foundation. He holds a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from the Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. His extensive travel and study, has taken him to work with United Nations in Geneva, allowed him to sit with scholars in dessert valleys, and complete doctoral classes in Neuropsychology. His recent effort with Sanad is motivated by concern for his children and leaving a lasting legacy of good. Learn more.

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