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Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak! Exciting News from SeekersHub Global

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah, Dear Seekers, It is with immense…
Free Zakat Guide

Is Your Zakat Due? – A Reader and Resources on Giving Zakat

Ramadan tends to be the time where most people are looking to…
Support the Islamic Scholars' Fund

Why I Support SeekersGuidance Global – Sr. Erin Rutherford

Assalaam Alaikum Seekers and Friends, Ramadan Mubarak! I pray…

Embracing Knowledge, an Introduction to Ustadh Abdullatif Al-Amin

By Aneesa Alphonsus & Erin Rutherford A soft-spoken teacher…

Love & Intention – SeekersPoint Auckland Launch Weekend by Sr. Chloe

By Sr Chloe Idris This past weekend was the launch of Seekers…

Why is SeekersGuidance launching SeekersPoint Auckland (and what is it)?

by Aarif Rasheed In the Name of God, The Compassionate, The…

Próxima Parada – Buenos Aires!

This article can be found in English here. Llegando al fin…
Knowledge and Guidance

Supporting Our Students, Our Scholars & Our Schools

I would like to begin with wishing you all a belated Ramadan…