Eid Mubarak! Exciting News from SeekersHub Global


Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah, Dear Seekers,

Muhammad SAWIt is with immense gratitude to Allah Almighty, that we give thanks for the light of Knowledge and Remembrance. These are challenging times for Muslims as individuals and as an Ummah.

We need to remember that both the Qur’an and Prophetic Guidance tell us that our collective condition is the result of a disconnect from the way of Mercy–the way of Knowledge, the way of the Shining Light of our Beloved Messenger

So what should we do in times of Darkness? Our salvation lies in spreading the shining light of Prophetic Guidance to awaken Prophetic beauty, mercy, and virtue in our lives.

So at this blessed time of Eid ul Adha, we must all be truly grateful for the way SeekersHub Global has progressed to where we are today. With the efforts and support of all of you –the SeekersHub Global family–we stand at a “unique” position: being able to offer open access to reliable, balanced, and relevant Islamic knowledge, completely FREE, without barriers–for transformative benefit and service to all God’s creation.

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Knowledge Without Barriers: Spreading the Way of Seeking: SeekersHub Global Updates

We have some very exciting news to share with all of you:

SeekersSteps: The Clear Path for Students of Islamic Knowledge. One of our foundational programs, SeekersSteps has a mandate not really found anywhere else: a clear path and a structured curriculum of Islamic learning, from Essentials to Mastery, as a means of seeking Allah Most High.

Eid Mubarak

We strive to guide, nurture, and develop students with clear learning outcomes, expectations, and assistance–and provide mentorship opportunities that help them gain both practical teaching experience and personal interaction with senior instructors. StepOne of the SeekersSteps curriculum is now offered online–and also in-person at SeekersHub Toronto.

Like all Seekers services, the SeekersSteps curriculum is offered completely FREE, and is open to all. Already, 1,000’s of students around the world have completed the first courses of StepOne, Essentials.

SeekersAnswers: Our teachers tirelessly answer dozens of religious questions every day–from specifics of beliefs and law to spiritual counsel, to practical advice on life’s challenges. Only some of these answers are posted publicly, but the Seekers Answers service has thousands of public answers that you and your friends and family can benefit from.

Exciting News from SeekersGuidanceSeekersArabic is here. Seekers is offering a complete curriculum of Arabic that takes students from the basics of learning the language, to mastery of its unique sciences. Shaykh Ali Hani, one of the world’s leading authorities in both Arabic and Qur’an, began this past April with an intermediate-level course that almost 1,000 students are taking, across the world.

We have now on-boarded Ustadh Emad Fares, a distinguished expert in Arabic learning and curriculum, as Director of the SeekersArabic program. Term One of 2015 will feature several new Arabic courses, from StepOne: the Essentials, all completely FREE.

SeekersCircles:  Our weekly, globally-accessible communal circles of knowledge  are now hosted in over 60 cities across  the world, creating positive communities around knowledge and service. Why not connect with a Circle in your city–or even start a new one? Like all Seekers services, the SeekersCircles are completely FREE, and open to all.

Exciting News from SeekersGuidanceSeekersRetreat Toronto: A resounding success. Alhamdulillah, SeekersHub Toronto held its first SeekersRetreat last month. 180 students learned in a refreshing and spiritually-uplifting environment–with good company, amidst the beauty of nature.

We were joined by leading contemporary scholars, all traditionally-trained and world-renowned: Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Shaykh Waleed Mosaad, Shaykh Muna Elzankaly, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, and the esteemed Shaykh Ahmed Saad Al Azhari. Students attended from across the world–not just from Toronto and the US, but also from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Argentina, and France.

At the Retreat, Shaykh Walead, Shaykh Yahya, and Shaykh Ahmed Saad all committed to offering new courses through SeekersHub Global.

Exciting News from SeekersGuidanceGood News: Expansion of our Global Reach to London, England.  We are immensely grateful and excited to announce that Sheikh Ahmed Saad Al Azhari has joined SeekersHub Global as a Senior Instructor–and as Executive Director of the upcoming SeekersHub London.

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SeekersHub Global: Connections

SeekersHub Global is more than just an Academy. It is a Hub of learning; a Hub of community; a Hub of concern; a Hub of service to Allah’s creation; a Hub of connecting with fellow believers; a Hub of worship and remembrance of Allah Most High; and a Hub of nurturing and growth for ourselves, our families, our children, and our communities–in a way and method that is both deeply rooted in and connected to the Prophetic Tradition, and that is cutting edge and responsive to the challenges of our age.

It is a Hub that, by Allah’s Grace, brings blessing and good to your lives–blessings that you are being guided towards, that you seek, and that you deserve.

May Allah make us of those who seek Him in all the choices of our lives, and make us of those who come together to connect with the Prophetic way of guidance and good, for ourselves and all His creation.

Is Your Zakat Due? – A Reader and Resources on Giving Zakat

Ramadan tends to be the time where most people are looking to pay their Zakat. We get numerous questions regarding how, when and who, to give Zakat. A simple search of our Answers page will produce numerous answers that may be of benefit, but we have found a few that may be most useful here:
Zakat: How to Calculate & Whom to Give
How Do I Determine How Much Zakat I Owe?
Eligible Zakat Recipients, Giving Locally vs. Abroad, Charity to a Mosque, and Proper Handling of Donations
“The best of charity [and zakat] is that which fulfills the greatest need, or is a means to the greatest benefit.” [Ibn Abidin]
Donate to SeekersGuidance Global to support the spread of Prophetic guidance, completely free, to the ends of the earth–and to support deserving scholars and seekers of knowledge, to preserve and promote the way of guidance.

Why I Support SeekersHub Global – Sr. Erin Rutherford

Why I Support SeekersHub Global
Assalaam Alaikum Seekers and Friends,
Ramadan Mubarak! I pray that you are in the best of health and faith.
I seriously love the work that I do for SeekersHub Global!
It is motivating to see how many people join us each term. Since our humble beginning over 25,000 students have studied with us– to improve their relationship with Allah, studying to become closer to the Beloved, studying to be better husbands, wives, parents, and humans beings.
Our team of Directors, teachers, and volunteers, are tirelessly working around the clock, literally, to make this organisation the best that it can be. They are also trying to find new ways in which we can continue bringing you events, classes and courses for free through Knowledge without Barriers, no matter where you are on this Earth.
With learning centres in places like Buenos Aires and Melbourne, SeekersCircles in over 40 countries and two active hubs with almost daily events, we are endeavouring to take knowledge to the Ends of the Earth.
This is why I support SeekersHub Global. I believe we are really making a difference in allowing easy access to sound islamic knowledge to the global Muslim community.
This Ramadan I humbly ask that you give a donation, no matter how small, towards supporting SeekersHub Global-if you have the means.  This small (or large) donation will be YOUR contribution towards another students education and helping to support your teachers to focus on what they do best–teaching. Reap the rewards, not only in this life, but the next. Your donations will be a sadaqa jariya, a charity for which the reward will outlive you.
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Or you can join the call for the 1000-Person March! Find out more here.
Please support SeekersHub Global and Knowledge without Barriers, because it is powered by YOUR generosity and we couldn’t continue without YOU.
Registration for Term 3 2014 is now open! Take a look at the SeekersAcademy page for what we have on offer!
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Knowledge without Barriers, or SeekersHub Global.
May Allah reward your generosity and grant you success in your seeking!
Requesting your prayers,
With much peace and blessings,
Erin Rutherford, Outreach Director, SeekersHub Global

Seeking: Knowledge without Barriers – Seekers Highlight with Sidi Suhayb Booth

Suhayb Booth was born in Sunderland, United Kingdom and moved to New Zealand with his family as a child. He converted to Islam at the age of 26 and lives in Auckland with his wife and two children. He is an active member of the SeekersPoint Auckland, where he has taken on the role of Academy Manager.
This video was recorded before the launch of SeekersPoint Auckland, and speaks about Sidi Suhayb’s journey to Islam and how Knowledge without Barriers has been a important part of this journey.
This blog is part of our Seekers Highlights series for our Ends of the Earth Campaign. We hope that you are inspired and motivated by Sidi Suhayb’s story. His story and many other wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Knowledge without Barriers, please support us in bringing knowledge to the Ends of the Earth. Your donation truly helps!

Embracing Knowledge, an Introduction to Ustadh Abdullatif Al-Amin

Ustadh Abdullatif Al-AminBy Aneesa Alphonsus & Erin Rutherford
A soft-spoken teacher and guide of the Islamic faith, Ustadh Abdul Latif-Al Amin prefers speaking about Islam rather than himself. A hunger for a bigger purpose in life, a thirst for knowledge and a sense of belonging led Abdullatif to the path of Islam 18 years on Friday the 13th, a date most cringe from but one embraced by the Ustadh as his call to submitting to the will of Allah.
Growing up just down the street from a Muslim School in the United States, Abdullatif shares that this is where his introduction to Islam was first made. He would later credit the Muslims he met as those who made Islam very appealing to him by way of the examples they set. “I saw kindness a kind of peace in the way they acted. The Muslims I met were humble, courteous and their simple yet genuine actions spoke volumes to me.” he shared.
This sparked the flame of what he refers to as “a need to learn about the faith and to practice it wholeheartedly. While the intention was there, Abdullatif confesses that several of the early years following his conversion were spent as an “ignorant worshipper.”
“After realizing this feeling, I registered for a Deen Intensive program and Alhamdulillah, it really made a positive change and impact in my life,” he added. During the next five years, Abdullatif completed a large number of courses in addition to studying Arabic.
Over the years as a student with SeekersGuidance, Ustadh Abdullatif has taken over 50 courses, including live courses, and some no longer available. It is this kind of serious commitment to knowledge, and the mercy of Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) that has brought him to the position he is in today.
Eighteen years on, this father to six children is still on his quest for more knowledge. To the question of approaching and learning about Islam, Ustadh Abdullatif advised that one should read about the Prophet and go to the people that best remind them of Him.

Ustadh Abdullatif Al-Amin

Apart from his passion for knowledge, Abdullatif tells us that he is equally ardent about helping new Muslims. “We have new brothers and sisters who after taking the Shahadaa may ask, ‘What do I do next?’ I would like to help nurture this by Allah’s grace.” Abdullatif is incidentally, the co-Founder of Mercy Islamic Tutoring, which assists reverts and Muslims to better learn about Islam’s foundation principles.
To the question what would be the biggest challenge facing Muslims today, Abdullatif opined that it’s being equipped to answer questions about their faith. “If a Muslim isn’t sure about how to answer a question, there is the pitfall that they might end up doubting their own faith. It’s okay to say, ‘I don’t know’ but point those who are asking the question to someone who knows – the same is true for the Muslim who was asked the question.”
He feels his progression as a student to a teacher is ongoing. It is also a journey that has had a lot of struggles involved in it. With thanks to Allah, he owes a lot to be in contact with supportive teachers like Shaykh Faraz Rabbani. He also feels that scholars such as Shaykh Abdul-Kareem Yahya, Shaykh Omar Qureshi, Ustadha Zaynab and Ustadha Noura, among others really helped helped him in his journey, particularly in the early days.

Ustadh Abdullatif Al-Amin

When questioned about ‘Knowledge Without Barriers‘ he says that, “Knowledge without Barriers has truly been a blessing for me and enabled me to study things that would be closed if not for it. Having contact with Shuyukh is a great blessing. SeekersGuidance enables one to have a personal relationship with one’s teacher. Which is key for any successful student.”
He is a firm believer that apart from time for prayer, time for deep reflection on the day’s happening should also be set aside. Abdullatif who enjoys reading Islamic books and literature, shared that reading from the Quran is important to one’s well-being. “You don’t have to read large sections, just small passages. Do what you can and what you’re able to do – but do it consistently.”
This blog is part of our Seekers Highlights series for our Ends of the Earth Campaign. We hope that you are inspired and motivated by Ustadh Abdullatif’s story. His story and many other wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Knowledge without Barriers, please support us in bringing knowledge to the Ends of the Earth. Your donation truly helps!

Love & Intention – SeekersPoint Auckland Launch Weekend by Sr. Chloe

By Sr Chloe Idris
This past weekend was the launch of Seekers Point Auckland. My husband and I had booked our flights a month in advance to attend this event, traveling from Wellington to Auckland straight after work. We had both made a personal commitment to attend beneficial gatherings in New Zealand whenever possible, and after our experience at the 2012 SeekersRetreat in Taupo, there was no way we wanted to miss this.
It was such a blessing to be in the presence of Shaykh Faraz Rabbani as well as local teachers Ustadha Waseema Ahmed, and Ustadh Haamid BenFayed. The launch was a jam-packed weekend filled with beneficial and inspiring knowledge, and although I left the event feeling physically exhausted, I was also spiritually nourished again in a way that made me realise I had been famished for quite a while.
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, filled with our responsibilities and everything that we ‘have to do’, ‘must do’, and ‘need to do’, we forget that God is always with us. We forget that we can open up to Him at any time, and He will listen. We forget that God hasn’t made it hard to become closer to Him; all we have to do is take the first step, and He will come to us running. The message that I took away from the launch was love, in all its forms. Love for the Divine, love for the Prophet in his human perfection, love for our fellow human beings. This weekend emphasised to me that the foundation of this religion is love, and in fact, love is the very reason that we exist at all. We are engulfed in mercy by the Creator, and we were created purely to know Him. Deep down our souls recognise this and yearn to be back with Him, yet we suppress this natural inclination, we suppress our fitra.
The Shuyukh empasised the importance of reflection as a means of attaining God-consciousness. They emphasised the importance of creating a habit of pausing before doing, taking a moment to consider the ‘why’ behind the action. Each pause is in fact an opportunity, a chance to purify our intention and open a space for God in our heart. Imagine a day filled with these moments – moments of reflection, moments of remembrance, moments of noble intentions. By filling our days with moments like these, attaining God-consciousness becomes easier, and we will become increasingly close to Him. God isn’t absent from our lives, He isn’t disinterested and uninvolved. In reality, He is only a thought away.
May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala fill our hearts with love for Him, and the Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam. Ameen.

Why is SeekersGuidance launching SeekersPoint Auckland (and what is it)?

by Aarif Rasheed
In the Name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful
Assalamualaikum everyone,
The Need in Our Community
For about the last 10 years we have been trying to establish for ourselves and the wider community an aspiration towards fulfilling our potential as Muslims – our higher potential as the best of Allah’s (God’s) Creation.
Our goal so far has been to revive the classical Islamic education in our community: the highest standards of academic excellence that we know is responsible for the great Islamic civilisations of the Golden Years of Islam.
We now know that in this post-colonisation era, access to traditional Islam from the great lands of learning that we now see in utter strife, such as Syria, Iraq, and Egypt, had been diminishing for some time. The wider post-colonisation reality of the Muslim world was one in which the academic excellence of the previous Islamic civilisations had all but gone.
Already Part of the Community
Over the last 10 years, we have had numerous international scholars from Islamic institutions around the world come to us who have been learnt widely and deeply in such cradles of knowledge. The result of this hard work is that many students are now learning with either local teachers or with scholars teaching from the around the globe. We have regularly come together for learning together locally, and for serving together locally. Students, and volunteers, are scattered across all the well-known Islamic organisations, including RMDT, WTG, Al-Hikmah Trust, Fatimah Foundation, IWCNZ, etc.
What we see is that from learning Islam together, and practising together (including, importantly, serving others together) we actually build a community together. But not just a community for the sake of building one, but a community that is based on guidance from Islamic teachings, respect for those teachings and the teachers that teach them, and a respect for all that is sacred in our world.
Join Us On This Journey
We invite you to join us on this journey to reestablish the high standards of academic excellence and service. This return to excellence involves spreading balanced, mainstream understanding of our religion, so that we may once again be a people of Taqwa (God-Consciousness) & Service.
These efforts must occur under the guidance of scholars who are both deeply learned in the religion, but also in the context and needs of the communities that are being served. SeekersGuidance has brought together such scholars, and established institutions that are now bringing together all these years of efforts into one globally coordinated but locally based, effort. This has meant a great increase in access to scholarship, which is also now free of any cost, under the Knowledge Without Barriers initiative of SeekersGuidance.
SeekersPoint Auckland will represent the first formal SeekersGuidance collaboration in New Zealand. Many of its students, servants, and now, associated teachers, are in Auckland, and the community is one that is more than ready to embrace the SeekersGuidance ethos of serving the community and upholding the standard of Islamic excellence.
SeekersPoint Auckland is where seekers of knowledge and servants of the community (hopefully that is everyone!) can come together and support each other to remain committed to Building a strong, united community. That is, united on the teachings of the Quran & Sunnah as compiled and codified by the continuous generations of scholars from the time of the companions. That strong community comes out by facilitating the learning of this authentic Islam, and serving of others, both as the means to ultimately seeking the pleasure of Allah The Almighty.
Giving Access
Therefore SeekersGuidance has made it a priority to make the seeking of authentic knowledge accessible to everyone. The 20th Century (post-colonisation of much of the Muslim) saw a considerable weakening of access to authentic knowledge. SG is striving to reeducate the masses globally, given the huge now prevalent post-colonisation. This is so that we can return to the academic excellence that existed in the earlier times of Islamic civilisation. The ongoing destruction of cradles of knowledge like Iraq and Syria (and more recently Egypt) has greatly affected the prolific teaching and learning that was going on in these lands.
In the present climate, there is a lot of pressure on Islamic institutions around the world. In this difficult environment, SeekersGuidance has been able by Allah’s blessing to make sacred knowledge available for free, globally, thanks also to the generosity of those who can afford to donate. Presently, over 10,000 students in 130 countries already are establishing their grounding in Islam, with many amazing stories of those who previously couldn’t access proper Islamic knowledge for reasons of cost and being unable to find scholarship where they are.
Global effort, Local results!
SeekersGuidance aims to reconnect Muslims to the academic excellence of traditional Islam, and accessing any local scholarship available is a high priority. SeekersGuidance is involved in supporting many of the great scholars now scattered around the world, and in ensuring they remain accessible not just locally, but globally! This means supporting scholars and their families as and when required, and allowing scholars to devote their time to academic excellence, meaning proper guidance from scholars and a reawakening of love for Islamic sciences. Of course, a major symptom addressed by this revival of Islam is making Islam relevant once more to our people, young and old, wherever they may be in the East or West.
SeekersPoint Auckland Events, 7-9 February, 2014
SeekersPoint Auckland is launching! This allows the Auckland community to access even more of SeekersGuidance benefits, including the visiting of major scholars, supporting of local scholars, facilitating committed service to beneficial organisations already serving Islam and Muslims here in Auckland and much more: many of the symptoms we see in our community, such as Islam appearing less relevant to many young Muslims and gradually disappearing from our Masjids, are symptoms of the underlying absence of this knowledge and spirit of Islam that must be properly established, wholesomely and organically, in our community!
International & Local Scholars
We will be having very special scholars visiting us to explain all this, and launch Auckland’s SeekersPoint! SeekersGuidance founder Shaykh Faraz Rabbani will be travelling to Auckland to join us, along with local scholars, to not only launch SeekersPoint but also teach for the weekend while here. Shaykh Faraz alone will be travelling for over 30 hours to reach us, to be with us for only 3 days! Though in huge global demand, such local milestones wherever they may be, are so dear that the scholars are making his way to Auckland especially for our launch events.
Many NZ and Auckland students who are already learning with SeekersGuidance will get the opportunity to meet the people behind this global initiative that is going local everywhere, without barriers!
Guests from all around New Zealand: we will also be joined by seekers and community leaders from all around New Zealand, including Wellington, Hamilton, New Plymouth and Christchurch. If you’re interested in coming, or establishing a connected community in your area, please let us know ASAP so that we can help you in any way we can!
All queries may be directed to us at: [email protected] OR TEXT: 021 763 810.

OPEN NOW at So be on notice, keep your Waitangi weekend entirely free, and start planning now – get your notebooks, pens and bags ready and dont forget to register by this coming weekend!

Próxima Parada – Buenos Aires!

This article can be found in English here.

Llegando al fin del año 2013, el Shaykh Faraz Rabbani(Fundador & Director Ejecutivo, SeekersHub Global) y el Imam Afroz Ali (Managing Director- SeekersHub Global) viajaron a Argentina para brindar un retiro intensivo de verano, para ayudar alrededor de 40 nuevos musulmanes a aprender y poner en práctica el Conocimiento Sagrado de la Ley Islámica, Creencia y Espiritualidad.
El retiro de ‘Los Confines de la Tierra’ tuvo lugar en Tandil, 4 horas al sur de Buenos Aires, en una granja familiar dedicada a los cultivos orgánicos.
Preservando la Ortodoxia del Islam.
Al arrivar, tuvimos una grata sorpresa, encontrarnos con este grupo de nuevos Musulmanes comprometidos con la prácticas diarias de adoración y recuerdo de Dios, El Exaltado, y cantando alabanzas al Amado Profeta, La Paz y la bendiciones de Dios sean con el. Sus fundaciones eran fuertes y profundamente enraizadas en la ortodoxia del islam, conectadas a la guía profética.
El Imám Afroz Ali dijo, “la experiencia en Argentina me demostró nuevamente que la vía comprobada del islam tradicional es lo que preserva la Religión de Dios. Esta pequeña comunidad de musulmanes, a pesar de estar lejos de tierras islámicas, vive la belleza de la guía profética a través de una sólida conexión, con la transmisión del entendimiento de la religión. Viven esto como una comunidad de buscadores, en vez del desagradable, ‘hazlo tu solo’ Islam en el que tantos están atrapados hoy en día.”
A pesar de la complejidad de una era digital plagada con información errónea, compuesta por ideologías literalistas post-clásicas, que divergen de los sistemas preservados de adquisición de conocimiento de la Ciencias Sagradas, musulmanes en Buenos Aires han mantenido una fuerte conexión con los conocimientos fundacionales preservados a través de la herencia Islámica del ‘Isnad’ (cadena de transmisión ininterrumpida) y el ‘Madhab’ (metodología basada en la evidencia). Su entusiasmo en incrementar su conocimiento y práctica coincide completamente con el alcance de SeekersHub Global hasta los ‘Confines de la Tierra’ liderado por el Sheykh Faraz Rabbani.

Next Stop – Buenos Aires! Journeying to the Ends of the Earth, Facilitating Knowledge Without Barriers

As the end of 2013 dawned upon us, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani (Founder & Executive Director, SeekersHub Global) travelled to Argentina to facilitate an intensive summer retreat to help some 40 new Muslims to learn about and put into practice Sacred Knowledge of Islamic Law, Belief and Spirituality.
The ‘Ends of the Earth’ Retreat was held in Tandil, some 4 hours south of Buenos Aires, on a family farm dedicated to organic farming and stewardship of land.
Preserved Orthodoxy of Islam
Upon arriving there, they were caught by a pleasant surprise. The new Muslims, of all ages, were already committed to their daily devotion of worship and remembrance of God, The Exalted, and singing praise of the Beloved Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him. Their foundation was strong and deeply rooted in Orthodox Islam connected to Prophetic guidance.

In spite of a complex digital age filled with misleading information, compounded by literalist post-classical ideologies which have diverged from the preserved system of attaining knowledge of the Sacred Sciences, Muslims in Buenos Aires have maintained strong connection to foundational knowledge. This knowledge is preserved through the Islamic heritage of Isnad (unbroken chain of transmission) and Madhab (evidence-based methodology). Their keenness to increase their knowledge and practice coincided very well with the outreach from SeekersHub Global to the Ends of the Earth led by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

Continuing With The Tradition

Historically, authentic Islam was transmitted to people either by seekers of knowledge travelling to the traditional places of study or by scholars of the Sacred Sciences travelling to the Ends of the Earth, taking with them sound knowledge, transmitting it to those who seek a true relationship with their Lord. SeekersHub Global’s commitment to facilitate the learning and practice of Knowledge Without Barriers continues with this age-old tradition existent from the Prophetic era.
Shaykh Faraz Rabbani commented on this, saying, “The week in Argentina was one of the most memorable of my life as it showed the transformative beauty of faith and Prophetic guidance. The community of convert seekers that hosted us was transformed by the faith they embraced and keen to learn. It also reminded me of the power of Knowledge Without Barriers: through this effort, Seekers are reaching seekers, around the world. This is a gift from The Merciful God. May we be of the thankful.”

The Muslim community in Buenos Aires are an evidence of the transformative power of global connections of communities of seekers, one helping the other by generously sharing time, knowledge and financial assistance.
SeekersPoint Buenos Aires, in Spanish!
SeekersHub Global’s commitment to breaking barriers between seekers and guidance is now breaking another barrier: language.
With overwhelming request, support and commitment from the Muslims of Argentina, SeekersHub Global has now set up SeekersPoint Buenos Aires!
But, it is not only another SeekersPoint, all of which are already serving their local communities tremendously. SeekersPoint Buenos Aires will also be the Service Centre for the Spanish-speaking world all over. This is new ground in serving Muslims globally in different languages suitable to local communities. SeekersHub Global is committed to break language barriers wherever possible.
SeekersHub Global is already working with Muslims from Argentina to commence translation works into Spanish in a professional manner e.g. important articles, answers and blog pieces. In addition, special classes are now being arranged for the community, as well as to local advanced seekers to become, insha Allah, authorised teachers to teach in Spanish.
Support Knowledge Without Barriers
SeekersHub Global recognises that knowledge is priceless, and we need globally collective assistance and cooperation to invest in facilitating the transmission and preservation of Sacred Knowledge to the Ends of the Earth. Beyond meagre classes, SeekersHub Global is fulfilling its vision for the benefit of all humanity: it is investing in building an institution of people (rather than just buildings) who are worthy to carry on the tradition and methodology of Prophetic guidance, democratising knowledge through free access to all.
SeekersHub Global is developing programs based on a structured continuum of learning through SeekersSteps, SeekersArabic and many general courses, as well as facilitating positive action through SeekersWorks throughout the world. Such holistic effort aims to nurture individuals into communities of seekers and Servants of the Merciful to the Ends of the Earth, powered by your generosity.
Building an institution of people of knowledge, positive action and virtuous character needs our shared investment; facilitating knowledge without barriers is our shared goal. Please DONATE generously to help build such an institution.

Supporting Our Students, Our Scholars & Our Schools

I would like to begin with wishing you all a belated Ramadan Mubarak, and also an early Eid Kareem. Two-thirds of our noble guest’s time has passed us, and I hope we’re trying to satisfy it before its departure. Let it look forward to visiting us again next year. Let it return to its Lord, and say, “Yes, indeed my host honored me”.
Learn-Quran2A few weeks ago I was offered a position to teach Quran at our Islamic School’s summer camp again. I graciously took the offer, and was assigned to teach boys ages 4-15 years. Throughout our three weeks together, we covered some memorization, commentary, and a few topics within Islamic Studies. I was fascinated by their enthusiasm, abilities, questions, concerns, and potential. I even felt challenged at times, and could not respond accordingly whether the queries were on legal rulings, the afterlife or even some on spirituality. Aside from these kids being filled with physical energy, they had quite a strong intellectual one too.
Now, let me not over exaggerate as this would defeat the purpose of my writing today. Every class has a certain amount of students who require a push, extra care, or special attention. I had a student around the age of 10 who was struggling–a lot–with his memorization. In fact, it took him almost 3 weeks to memorize the first verse of Surah-Mulk (Chapter 67). One day I decided to ask him what was keeping him from memorizing. I mean, even kids who couldn’t read Arabic at all had begun to read and connect letters. He complained and said to me in simple words, “I have no confidence.” This shocked me, especially since this was not the first time I was hearing this from a student. I recall a student from my 6th grade class who randomly broke into tears in the middle of class last year. He complained of lack of organization, and felt his parents were not encouraging him enough. He felt very lonely, and would go home to sit on his electronic devices, before completing very little or none of his homework.
Before further elaboration, I would like to raise a second issue, and from there hope to connect a few dots Insha’Allah. Yes, it’s that time of the year again; Ramadan. I thought this was a month of fasting, but it only seems like religious organizations, institutes, schools, and various charities are all trying to take my money. Every other night there seems to be some fundraiser taking place. My Facebook events are filled with fundraiser invites. Not to mention the random emails from anonymous people asking for donations…let me pause here.
Over the last few weeks, I have attended fundraisers for different causes. Muslims Without Borders held their 2nd annual fundraising dinner for Syria, last night our Islamic School hosted their 27th annual fundraiser, then another Mosque in the community has been trying to collect funds to purchase a new ground for expansion. Many of you are currently donating towards the SeekersHub Global ‘Ends of the Earth’ campaign, and the list can go on and on.
These are all great causes, but do we really understand their importance? Do we sit to think about this crucial investment? Do we wonder why our institutes continue to ‘beg’ us? If not, then our false claims and questioning of our institution every year makes complete sense. I attempt to conquer this issue in the following:
1) Be they religiously or academically based, our educational institutes have a right over us. They serve the purpose of developing skills we need to live and serve in this life. They are the moral compass to our lifestyle, and character which give us direction, aim, and purpose. Both individual and communal obligations are fulfilled here. It is a point where community comes together to share ideas, and create vision. Without such institutions, education would be lost. Most importantly, this is where your child grows up. This is where he/she is shaped through teachers, knowledge, and friends, and this leads me to my second point.
2) I believe we begin to focus too much on the numbers we are asked for, or that we are giving at fundraisers. Fundraisers have become like an auction, or a game of snakes and ladders. Everyone’s excited about winning, but very little are concerned about the actual cause itself. Therefore we truly forget how important our investment is. We tend to forget that our investment is building a brighter and broader future for ourselves and our kids. The money you are donating is for none other than the benefit of yourself. It’s not going towards a wasted effort, but to a very purposeful one. This is also an ongoing charity for you till the Day of Judgement. You will receive the reward for supporting anyone seeking knowledge, teaching it, and then everyone who acts upon it. Remember, we are our own responsibility, and it is our duty to take care of our generation in its physical, mental, and spiritual needs. This is Islam, Iman and Ihsan.
3) I personally feel it is quite embarrassing that we can sometimes be very stubborn when it comes to such great investments. It is as if God Himself gave us the keys to Paradise, but we procrastinate in unlocking the door. As a child, my parents would encourage me to donate part of my money towards a good cause. In fact, I was so motivated once that I donated my favorite Chicago Bulls watch, to a fundraising appeal. I also recall having an Ansaar and Muhajirun day at school. For two days, two randomly selected students who would pair up, and each would have the duty of feeding the other for a day. Hence, this is not only the responsibility of our elders, but for us the younger folks too. I also used to donate $10-$20 to my Islamic School on a monthly basis. The mentally of, “Oh, if I donate, the money will just come around back to me” is a false claim, because this is where the blessing of brotherhood is evolved. Set aside a portion of your wealth to give on a regular basis, even if it’s just $5.
4) I believe it’s also time for our parents and teachers to take a step back to reflect. Before supporting education financially, we need to support our children emotionally. Just like those two students I had mentioned; there are many kids who have great potential, but are often discouraged and lack support from their parents. A child’s dream needs to be taken seriously in order for him to believe in himself. He needs the support, encouragement, focus, time and attention of his parents and his teachers. Firmness may be required at times, but we can overcome this firmness with mercy. Understand your child’s perspective, and support him in his cause. Instead of questioning every last activity he/she does, advise them and work on building trust. Overlook, but don’t overdue.
5) Lastly, I believe it is always important to return back to the Prophetic teachings to understand where the Prophet’s stance would be on issues we face today. The Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him) said in a tradition, “A person’s wealth does not decrease by giving in way of charity”. In other words, it increases. The blessings of giving for God’s sake will increase you in wealth, and reward. Furthermore, it’ll enlighten your path, and the path of those to come. If we don’t take our responsibilities seriously, then who will? I once heard Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah say that the concern of the earlier generations would exceed to the five upcoming generations ahead of them. This is what it means to be God’s vicegerent on earth.
May Allah enable us to be keys to good, and locks to evil. May He allow us to acknowledge the blessings He has granted us, before taking them away from us. And may He grant us action based upon sound judgement and wisdom.
Wishing you all an accepted Ramadan, and a blissful Eid.
The MicroMolvi,
Yousaf Seyal