Next Stop – Buenos Aires! Journeying to the Ends of the Earth, Facilitating Knowledge Without Barriers

As the end of 2013 dawned upon us, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani (Founder & Executive Director, SeekersGuidance Global) travelled to Argentina to facilitate an intensive summer retreat to help some 40 new Muslims to learn about and put into practice Sacred Knowledge of Islamic Law, Belief and Spirituality.
The ‘Ends of the Earth’ Retreat was held in Tandil, some 4 hours south of Buenos Aires, on a family farm dedicated to organic farming and stewardship of land.
Preserved Orthodoxy of Islam
Upon arriving there, they were caught by a pleasant surprise. The new Muslims, of all ages, were already committed to their daily devotion of worship and remembrance of God, The Exalted, and singing praise of the Beloved Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him. Their foundation was strong and deeply rooted in Orthodox Islam connected to Prophetic guidance.

In spite of a complex digital age filled with misleading information, compounded by literalist post-classical ideologies which have diverged from the preserved system of attaining knowledge of the Sacred Sciences, Muslims in Buenos Aires have maintained strong connection to foundational knowledge. This knowledge is preserved through the Islamic heritage of Isnad (unbroken chain of transmission) and Madhab (evidence-based methodology). Their keenness to increase their knowledge and practice coincided very well with the outreach from SeekersGuidance Global to the Ends of the Earth led by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

Continuing With The Tradition

Historically, authentic Islam was transmitted to people either by seekers of knowledge travelling to the traditional places of study or by scholars of the Sacred Sciences travelling to the Ends of the Earth, taking with them sound knowledge, transmitting it to those who seek a true relationship with their Lord. SeekersGuidance Global’s commitment to facilitate the learning and practice of Knowledge Without Barriers continues with this age-old tradition existent from the Prophetic era.
Shaykh Faraz Rabbani commented on this, saying, “The week in Argentina was one of the most memorable of my life as it showed the transformative beauty of faith and Prophetic guidance. The community of convert seekers that hosted us was transformed by the faith they embraced and keen to learn. It also reminded me of the power of Knowledge Without Barriers: through this effort, Seekers are reaching seekers, around the world. This is a gift from The Merciful God. May we be of the thankful.”

The Muslim community in Buenos Aires are an evidence of the transformative power of global connections of communities of seekers, one helping the other by generously sharing time, knowledge and financial assistance.
SeekersPoint Buenos Aires, in Spanish!
SeekersGuidance Global’s commitment to breaking barriers between seekers and guidance is now breaking another barrier: language.
With overwhelming request, support and commitment from the Muslims of Argentina, SeekersGuidance Global has now set up SeekersPoint Buenos Aires!
But, it is not only another SeekersPoint, all of which are already serving their local communities tremendously. SeekersPoint Buenos Aires will also be the Service Centre for the Spanish-speaking world all over. This is new ground in serving Muslims globally in different languages suitable to local communities. SeekersGuidance Global is committed to break language barriers wherever possible.
SeekersGuidance Global is already working with Muslims from Argentina to commence translation works into Spanish in a professional manner e.g. important articles, answers and blog pieces. In addition, special classes are now being arranged for the community, as well as to local advanced seekers to become, insha Allah, authorised teachers to teach in Spanish.
Support Knowledge Without Barriers
SeekersGuidance Global recognises that knowledge is priceless, and we need globally collective assistance and cooperation to invest in facilitating the transmission and preservation of Sacred Knowledge to the Ends of the Earth. Beyond meagre classes, SeekersGuidance Global is fulfilling its vision for the benefit of all humanity: it is investing in building an institution of people (rather than just buildings) who are worthy to carry on the tradition and methodology of Prophetic guidance, democratising knowledge through free access to all.
SeekersGuidance Global is developing programs based on a structured continuum of learning through SeekersSteps, SeekersArabic and many general courses, as well as facilitating positive action through SeekersWorks throughout the world. Such holistic effort aims to nurture individuals into communities of seekers and Servants of the Merciful to the Ends of the Earth, powered by your generosity.
Building an institution of people of knowledge, positive action and virtuous character needs our shared investment; facilitating knowledge without barriers is our shared goal. Please DONATE generously to help build such an institution.