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Seeking: Knowledge without Barriers – Seekers Highlight with Sidi Suhayb Booth

Suhayb Booth was born in Sunderland, United Kingdom and moved to New Zealand with his family as a child. He converted to Islam at the age of 26 and lives in Auckland with his wife and two children. He is an active member of the SeekersPoint Auckland, where he has taken on the role of Academy Manager.
This video was recorded before the launch of SeekersPoint Auckland, and speaks about Sidi Suhayb’s journey to Islam and how Knowledge without Barriers has been a important part of this journey.
This blog is part of our Seekers Highlights series for our Ends of the Earth Campaign. We hope that you are inspired and motivated by Sidi Suhayb’s story. His story and many other wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Knowledge without Barriers, please support us in bringing knowledge to the Ends of the Earth. Your donation truly helps!