An Ode to My Sofa – Novid Shaid

An Ode to My Sofa By Novid Shaid, 2010, copyright Forgive me my dear sofa, For my wilful arrogance, It’s only now I’ve noticed Your uncanny consciousness. Your seats are so inviting! Your back so comforting! We fall on you for joy and rest And you oblige our every whim. For sleeping you indulge us, […]

Are you lonesome tonight? – Novid Shaid

Are you lonesome tonight? by Novid Shaid, 2003 Are you lonesome tonight? Are you friendless tonight? Is your world fractured apart? Has your love turned and fled? Has your loyal heart bled? It’s not worth living, apart. Shall I show you a friend? Recommend you a friend? Your woes, His love will consume And His […]

The Meeting – By Novid Shaid

The Meeting By Novid Shaid, September, 2010 Innamaa hadhihi hayaatu mataa’ – “verily this life is full of struggles”- Young Fata to Dhun Nun Al Misri– Kitab Ul Futuwwa Abadan tahinnu ilaykumu arwah – “forever do the spirits find rest with You” – Imam Shihaabudeen Suhwardi When I was a restless youth And my heart […]

The Man Who Loved to Burn The Book – By Novid Shaid

The Man Who Loved to Burn The Book By Novid Shaid, September, 2010 Once there was a man, who yearned to burn a book, which millions loved; it was their special book, its verses had some of them completely hooked; they were delighted by just a momentary look. But this man sneered; he confounded their […]

O You – Poem by Novid Shaid

O You Novid Shaid, copyright, 2010 O You, who love to demonize our Prophet, Nabi Muhammad, know this: that we love him more than you love your own identities. O You, who love to satirize our master, Nabi Muhammad, know this: that just our eulogies of him are enough to fill your libraries. O You […]

Poem in Praise and Magnification of Allah by Imam Abdullah bin Ja`far Mad-har al-Alawi

A gem of a Qasida (poem)  by al-Imam Abdalla bin Ja‘afar Mad-har al-‘Alawi   Here is a superb Qasida (poem), lauding Allah’s creation, and exalting His Perfection and Majesty, and summoning attention to His bounties and gifts. The Qasida has been composed by as-Sayyid al-Imam Abdalla bin Ja’afar Mad-har al-‘Alawi. There is a spiritual enchantment […]

After the Night of Distance, the Dawn of Closeness has become Manifest – Qasida sung by Ustadh Amin al-Tirmidhi

Ustadh Amin al-Tirmidhi is one of the world’s leading masters of the art of Islamic singing (nasheed), and is considered “the shaykh of munshids.” Born and trained in Aleppo (Halab), Syria, Ustadh Tirmidhi lives in Amman, Jordan. After the night of distance The dawn of closeness has come And for the people of fear It […]

A Response to the Hadith Qudsi, “Ya Ibaadi” – Poem by Navid Shaid

A Response to the Hadith Qudsi, “Ya Ibaadi” Number 24, Arbaeen Nawawiyya, by Novid Shaid, 2002 _______ Oh Allah! Oh Everlasting King! Oh heirless Emperor! Oh Sovereign! Oh You, who has forbidden oppression For yourself, and outlawed transgression. Oh You, without whom all become astray Without whom, none can travel on the way Oh You, […]