Reflections on the Prophet's Night Journey and Ascension

Are you lonesome tonight? – Novid Shaid

Are you lonesome tonight?
by Novid Shaid, 2003

Are you lonesome tonight?
Are you friendless tonight?
Is your world fractured apart?
Has your love turned and fled?
Has your loyal heart bled?
It’s not worth living, apart.

Shall I show you a friend?
Recommend you a friend?
Your woes, His love will consume
And His veil He will rend,
And His charms have no end,
His warmth will comfort your gloom.

Are you troubled tonight?
Agitated tonight?
Have dreams been shattered and strewn?
Has your health turned to dread?
Is your wealth torn into shreds?
And you sense your impending doom.

Will you welcome a friend?
Acquiesce to a friend?
Who’ll mend and replace your dreams,
And He’ll freshen your health,
And enliven your wealth,
His aid will thrill your esteem.

Are you shaking tonight?
Are you aching tonight?
Without a morsel or bed?
And the cold grips your skin,
And the hunger within,
No luck or hope lies ahead.

Can you search for a friend?
Can you feel for a friend?
Who dwells in no time or place,
And His nearness will sate,
And His grace compensate,
Your fare, beholding His face.

Well then, long with your heart,
And kindle in your heart,
The wish to witness His face,
And pledge to Him your love,
Then purge for Him your love,
Your cravings don’t leave a trace.

And convey peace tonight,
And then blessings tonight
Upon His dearest comrade,
And upon his close friends,
Family, companions,
Until there’s no night or day.