Mawlid al-Dayba'i: Shaykh Muhammad Ba-Dhib

The Drops of Purity – Novid Shaid

The Drops of Purity,

By Novid Shaid, 2005 copyright

The limpid drops of purity
Seep through their hearts instilling certainty.
They rain down on the turbidity,
Which veils their hearts with all things sensory,
And soften the solidity,
And wash away the multiplicity.
The drops increase and permeate
A vision forms in the transparency,
It’s like the rising of the Sun
The lights glisten and dance in harmony.
The dust has cleared; the sight is free
The lights engulf them, veiling their identities,
The clearing shows Infinity
The Endless Light revealing endlessly
There’s nothing in reality
Except the One and Only entity
And all besides is illusory
A picture formed with perfect artistry
Appearing real, diverse, 3D
Behind these sights resounds the order, Be.
All that there is, was and will be,
Are suspended in the timeless grip, hanging helplessly.
And nothing lives independently
Although some find this an absurdity.
If they considered truthfully,
And shed themselves of their complacency
Then wrapped their selves in poverty
And soaked their intellects in humility,
The rain would fall, most certainly
Drenching their hearts, revealing His Divine Unity.
If people find some clarity
In these words and some lucidity
Then praise the One, it’s His decree
The mercy of His sheer sublimity.
But if there are extremities,
Or glaring faults and poor inaccuracies
Ignore them with a conscience free,
They come from him who composed this poetry.
And peace the number of the trees
And blessings on the Prophet of purity,
And on his house and progeny
His friends, helpers and blessed community.