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Habib Zayn’s Counsel on Syria and Burma

Habib Zayn’s Counsel on Syria and Burma

Translated by Sidi Amjad Tarsin

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This is a general counsel from Habib Zayn bin Sumayt to all the Muslims, especially the people of Syria and Burma, and all the lands of the Muslims in general—for relief and lifting of oppression, for the great victory and the rectification of states, protection from enemies, and for safety, security, and peacefulness:

Read these four sūrahs once in the morning and once in the evening:

1. Al-ʿAlaq (Sūrah 96)

2. Al-Qadar (Sūrah 97)

3. Al-Zalzalah (Sūrah 99)

4. Quraysh (Sūrah 106)

The benefit of reading these is that it brings about protection from the evil of the seen and unseen.

Also, read these sūrahs three times in the morning and evening:

1. Quraysh (Sūrah 106) 3x

2. Al-ʿAṣr (Sūrah 103) 3x

3. Al-Falaq (Sūrah 113) 3x

The benefit of reading these is so great that it suffices.

Our general counsel to our brethren who are distressed in Syria and anywhere else is to read the following verse 12,000 times:

Innā kafaynāka al-mustahziʾīn

“Indeed We are sufficient for you against the mockers.”

Qurʾān 15.95

We specifically request that this be distributed to all people, especially our brethren in Syria and Burma. Spread this information to everyone, may Allah protect you.

وصية عامة من الحبيب إلى جميع المسلمين ولأهل الشام وبورما خاصة وسائر بلاد المسلمين عامة

للفرج ورفع الحرج والنصر الكبير وصلاح الأحوال والحفظ من الأعداء والأمن والأمان والإطمئنان

قرآءة هذه السور الأربع مرة صباحاً ومرة مساء :
العلق __ إنا أنزلناه __ إذا زلزلت __ قريش
فائدتها : تكفيك شر أهل الظاهر والباطن

وقرآءة هذه السور الثلاث مرة صباحاً ومرة مساء :
قريش ٣ مرات __ العصر ٣ مرات __ الفلق ٣ مرات
فائدتها : ليس فيهن كاف وما فيهن كافٍ
والوصية العامة لإخواننا المكروبين في الشام وفي كل مكان
قرآءة هذه الآية { إنا كفيناك المستهزئين }١٢٠٠٠
الرجاء الخاص :
نشرها عاجلاً للناس قاطبة ، ونشرها بين إخواننا المكروبين في الشام وفي بورما
عمموا الخبر للجميع يرعاكم الله

Internationally renowned for his expertise in the sciences of jurisprudence and grammar amongst others, al-Habib Zayn b. Sumayt is sometimes known by the title “the young Shafi’i”. His journey began in Bogor, Indonesia, where he was born into a pious family, descending from Imam al-Husayn, grandson of the Messenger of Allah, salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam. Aged 16, he travelled and settled down in Hadramawt (Yemen), where he studied numerous legal and spiritual treatises with the region’s most renowned scholars. Foremost amongst them were the Mufti, al-Habib Muhammad b. Salim b. Hafiz and al-Habib ‘Alawi b. Shihab ad-Din.

8 years later, he was sent to al-Bayda’, where he assisted al-Habib Muhammad al-Haddar in teaching and da’wah duties, often travelling on horseback to neighboring villages, calling its inhabitants to Allah. It was here that his path crossed with that of al-Habib ‘Umar b. Hafiz, who benefited from Habib Zayn’s encyclopedic knowledge, in addition to engaging in calling to Allah together. 21 years later, Habib Zayn travelled to Madinah, where has since settled. May Allah preserve him and spread his benefit.