05- Don’t squander your blessings – Awaken- Shaykh Abdullah Misra

In the fifth episode of this series, Shaykh Abdullah Misra covers three hadiths from Kitab al-Riqaq, which convey the cure to a hard heart and provide a means to reach Allah Most High. In the first hadith, the Final Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) counsels mankind to take advantage of youth before old age, health before sickness, wealth before poverty, free time before becoming busy, and life before death.

The second hadith emphasizes the reality that no one knows their lifespan, but a successful person does not wait for a calamity to befall him before preparing for the Hereafter. In the third hadith, Shaykh Abdullah reminds us that this temporal world is a trial as it creates a distraction from the worship of the Creator. The remembrance of Allah Most High should be at the root of our every action. Indeed, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) was given the gift of true eloquence, characterized by the brevity of speech in combination with a multitude of meanings.


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